MCA’s pick of sec-gen to resolve durian problem becomes thorny issue

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The Anak Raub Association has strongly objected to the appointment of MCA secretary-general Chong Sin Woon as the chairman of the party’s special committee on the issue of illegal Musang King durian plantations in Raub.

In a statement, its secretary-general Ahmad Ashraf Abdul Aziz said the appointment of a special committee to resolve this issue was good, but it must be led by someone who was more qualified, and it must not be seen as a political move.

The Anak Raub Association is an organisation set up by a group of locals as a platform to promote closer ties among those who hail from the district.

“Our association is of the opinion that Chong’s appointment has not only failed to bring about any positive results in the past but also that his appointment was politically motivated and has other intentions.

“Chong is not one who is familiar with land laws or the country’s land code. He is also not a local who understands the issues and history of the durian industry in Raub,” he said.

Ashraf said Chong, who is currently the chairman of the Port Klang Authority, had previously been seen to be more in favour of the Musang King durian farmers.

“He had also failed to come up with any plan or action after a special committee was set up by MCA on the same issue in August last year.

“In fact, there are reliable sources who say that Chong has met these illegal durian farmers and is seen as being too friendly with them.

“Chong has apparently made a commitment to support the farmers if they fully back him as the Raub parliamentary candidate in the next general election,” he said.

Ashraf added that the association would continue to “dismantle” underground movements linked to the Musang King cartel.

He said the association was committed to supporting the state government’s efforts to drive out illegal farmers, especially those farming in the permanent forest reserves in Pahang. – FMT