Muhyiddin: KJ to be appointed to Supreme Council if he joins Bersatu

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A spot at Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (Bersatu) supreme council awaits Khairy Jamaluddin if he joins the party, says Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The Bersatu president said the immediate appointment to the supreme council was because the former health minister had a lot of valuable experience.

Muhyiddin, who is also Perikatan Nasional chairman, of which Bersatu is a component, said Khairy had not applied to join although an offer had been made.

“Everyone hopes KJ (as Khairy is well known) will join Perikatan.


He has met me before and we had discussed. He has not applied to join Perikatan but I offered him. The offer still stands. I had asked him recently again on the offer – we are not pushing – but we hope he will join us to strengthen our party and coalition.

“I have not offered him any other positions and he knows what politics is,” he said.

In January, Khairy, a former Umno Youth chief, was sacked by the party

Muhyiddin said unlike Umno, which he described as a nest for DAP, Bersatu knew their direction ahead.

For Bersatu, we know our way forward – to reform Malaysia and care for the rights of all Malaysians. We are the best choice to replace the government for the future of the country,” said Muhyiddin at a press conference on Wednesday (May 17).

He spoke to the media after handing over grants for research to Institut Masa Depan Malaysia (MASA), Bersatu’s research body.

Meanwhile Muhyiddin said he was concerned over the increasing percentage of the lower income (B40) group, due to the increasing cost of living.

“There has been an increase in the number of B40 households with the increase in cost of living.

“I have yet to hear any hopeful news from the government for those enduring the increases.”

“We know what should be done to solve their problems and I have done my part when I was heading the government.

“If I propose solutions, the government may “steal my ideas”. They have their team of experts, and they should just focus on the economy and deliver their promises. I do not want to teach the clever Prime Minister on what should be done.

“If I propose solutions, the government may say that I want to overthrow the government and as such,” said Muhyiddin.

He said the government should work with the civil servants and private sectors to repair the economy and deliver the promises to better the living standards.

Muhyiddin further said he had no information about the purported “olive branch” extended by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to PAS President Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang.

“I have no information on that but only read it in the media. It is not right for me to comment on something I have no full information of,” said Muhyiddin.

The social media has been abuzz in the past few days over rumours that Anwar had allegedly tried to make peace with Abdul Hadi. – The Star