Muhyiddin: Najib receives huge crowd ‘because people want to see a criminal’

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Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Muhyiddin Yassin said the huge crowd that Najib Razak received in Johor does not necessarily mean the people have started to accept him.


“Don’t assume it is because people like him, it could be because some people just want to see the criminal upfront. For me, it is embarrassing,” he said, without mentioning Najib by name.

He stressed that a huge crowd did not mean a “positive acceptance” of the former prime minister.

Muhyiddin was at a press conference after an anti-corruption oath-taking event today.

All 56 PN candidates contesting in the Johor state elections took the oath. Muhyiddin said it was meant to show PN’s commitment to fight corruption and to form a government with high integrity and good governance.

He cited the 1MDB case as one of the classic examples of how corrupt leaders ruined the country and caused the people to suffer.