Musa Aman to Return Home Against Doctor’s Advice

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Ex-Sabah chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman has decided to return home from the United Kingdom despite being advised by his doctor not to do so.

Mohd Joh Wid, who has been his political secretary since 2013, said the Sungai Sibuga assemblyman, however, must first be referred to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for follow-up treatments.

The aide, who shared the information in a Facebook posting early this morning, said this is because the Singapore hospital has held his medical records since 30 years ago.

“Tan Sri Musa Aman will return to the country following his treatment at The Clementine Churchill Hospital in London.


“But it was from the Singapore hospital that I have learnt he had several surgical bypass procedures done in the past and is required to do follow up checks to ensure his condition remains stable.

“I felt I needed to address this to point that he did not run away or escaped, he needed the treatment.

“One thing I was impressed about his principle is he never revealed his sickness to the public and to us as the officers when he was holding the Chief Minister’s position,” said Mohd Joh in his FB posting.

He added that this showed Musa did not want leaders to be seen as weak, as it might affect the people’s confidence or push away foreign investors when gauging the political and economic status of Sabah.

Mohd Joh further clarified: “After the issue involving Chief Minister’s appointment last time, he thought it was the right time to rest and get the best medical treatment for his well-being.

“Now, it is time for him to come back to conduct his duties as an assemblyman, without being forced by any quarters.

“I have learned so many things about leadership from him.

“He was willing to sacrifice his health for Sabah and visiting him at the London hospital and accompanying his journey home, is a small sacrifice from me,” added Mohd Joh. – NST