‘No Further Action’ for Minister Violating Quarantine Angers Malaysians

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The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) decision not to pursue charges against PAS minister Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali for flouting quarantine orders has sparked outrage among Malaysians.

They took to Twitter to express their anger and dissatisfaction over the decision, which has been classified as “no further action” by the AGC.

“No Further Action” immediately started trending on Twitter, with about 4,600 tweets in the past three hours.

Many called the decision an example of double standards, given the fact that other citizens were being fined and jailed for not adhering to standard operating procedures against the spread of Covid-19.

“No Further Action. We have opened our eyes, you can’t be thinking to trick us anymore. We are not dumb, we want justice. #JusticeForThePeople,” Twitter user @ihsansb said.

“When a minister breaks quarantine they get ‘no further action’. When the rest break quarantine we get RM1k fine & jail. Where is the justice?”   said another Twitter user @EzzatyHasbullah.

Another user, @Arabianaes, tweeted “No Further Action! When the voices of the majority are silenced for the interest of a few. Abah has different rules for different kids. A black day in Malaysian history. We need a leader, not a coward. Disappointed!”

Abah refers to a moniker Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin adopted during the campaign period for the Sabah elections.

“Congratulations. They can break the laws and still ‘no further action’ but the rakyat does and confesses to it, and we get fined. Stupid,” tweeted @sllylly.

Another angry social media user, @AmarKumarDoshi, tweeted “Abah: ‘No Double Standard’ AG: No Further Action. Your father’s head!!!!!!#NoFurtherAction #MuhyiddinOut”.

Khairuddin, who is also plantation and commodities minister as well as Kuala Nerus MP, was investigated for not observing the compulsory two-week isolation period after returning from Turkey in July.

Among other public events, he had attended parliamentary sittings.

By law during the pandemic, Malaysians returning from abroad and other nationals who are permitted to enter the country must undergo a 14-day compulsory quarantine even if their first Covid-19 test upon arrival is negative.

The AGC said there was insufficient evidence to proffer charges against Khairuddin and that no wrong was done as no quarantine order was ever issued to the minister.

Khairuddin had tested negative in the Covid-19 test taken upon his arrival at the airport on July 7, and “was allowed to return to his residence by the authorised officer”, the AGC further said.

However, Khairuddin paid a compound issued by the Health Ministry on August 7, raising questions among social media users as to why he did so if he had not violated any rules.

A breach of quarantine orders is punishable under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act by up to two years in prison, a fine, or both.

The “no further action” decision is also seeing revived calls by social media users for Muhyiddin to step down as prime minister, with the hashtag #MuhyiddinOut being used again.

“Mr Prime Minister @MuhyiddinYassin, you are clearly full of sh*t and an absolute disgrace. If you had any dignity, you’d resign and take your hapless minions with you #MuhyiddinOut,” tweeted @RajivJayKumar.

@NTony98Jo said the decision to drop investigations against Khairuddin was “outrageous”.

“This is outrageous! #MuhyiddinOut we cannot allow our laws to be mocked like this!”

“Day by day, this fake-ass government reminds me that there is no justice or democracy in this country. Only selfish, power hungry old men that don’t care about anybody but themselves and their bank account. #MuhyiddinOut,” tweeted another Twitter user, @stvrdxst.

In previous speeches, Muhyiddin said there are no double standards between politicians and ordinary Malaysians when it comes to quarantine procedures.

He said everyone should adhere to the quarantine procedures set by the Health Ministry, adding that ministers will be reprimanded if they flout quarantine laws. – TMI