PKR: Azalina’s request on citizenship a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ situation

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Hypocrisy of wanting an independent legislature and biased appointments at the same time.

PKR Wanita described Umno MP Azalina Othman Said’s call for the government to amend the Federal Constitution to allow mothers to confer citizenship to their overseas-born children as a “Jekyl and Hyde” situation.

This is because Azalina also serves as the prime minister’s adviser on law and human rights matters – as such, is capable of persuading Ismail Sabri Yaakob to act on it.

“Azalina seems to have forgotten that she is serving as the special adviser (law and human rights) to the prime minister. It should be her job to persuade Ismail Sabri to push the amendments through.

“Similarly on Aug 14, Umno Wanita also stated in their proposed election manifesto that they would champion the amendments.

“So, the ball is in their court. The prime minister is from their party, Umno,” said PKR Wanita vice chief Sangetha Jayakumar.

In a statement today, Azalina, who helms the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on Women, Children Affairs and Social Development said her team is keen to table a private member’s bill for a constitutional amendment to allow Malaysian mothers to confer citizenship to their overseas-born kids.

However, the Pengerang lawmaker was doubtful if the private member’s bill will see the light of day in the Dewan Rakyat.

On that note, Sangetha asked why the government could not make the constitutional amendment now instead of listing it in their election manifesto.

“Why wait for an election? Why is it in the manifesto? Do it now.

“Table it during the Parliament sitting for Budget 2023 which will commence on Oct 3,” she said.

“Apart from that, Azalina speaks of by-partisanship in Parliament, forgetting how she chided the prime minister for not appointing an attorney-general (AG) that was from ‘one of their own’.


“You want an independent legislature and biased appointments at the same time. The hypocrisy is sickening,” added Sangetha.

On Sept 9, 2021, the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled that citizenship must be granted to children born overseas to Malaysian mothers with foreign spouses.

However, on Aug 5, the Court of Appeal overturned the landmark ruling.

On a related matter, Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham urged Azalina to resign as the prime minister’s adviser, claiming she has proven to be unfit for the job.

“It is shocking for her to make a call at the Umno special briefing for Ismail Sabri to appoint an AG from ‘among their own’.

“Azalina was indicating that the prime minister appoints an AG who will act according to the executives’ dictates, including abusing the AG’s power to withdraw charges against the corrupt and those who abuse their power.

“This is totally against the rule of law,” he said.

Ngeh added that it was for this reason that many leaders have called for the public prosecutor’s office to be separated from the AG (the top legal adviser to the government).

“The potential abuse by the executive cannot be ignored. The public prosecutor should be made answerable to the Parliament rather than to the PM.

“Even after the roles of the AG are separated from that of the public prosecutor, the AG must continue acting as the top legal officer to the government and get the executive to uphold the rule of law,” the DAP leader added. – Malaysiakini

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