PKR Youth Leaders Say Heads Must Roll over Leaked Chats Mocking Anwar

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Furious PKR youth leaders have demanded that the wing chief and several other party members be penalised over leaked WhatsApp messages insulting Anwar Ibrahim.

The leaders of PKR youth in Port Dickson, Shah Alam and Gombak issued separate statements yesterday demanding that those participating in the chat group be hauled up before the party’s disciplinary board.

“We are shocked by the several screenshots that are understood to be of conversations in a WhatsApp group called ‘AMK Bersih’ involving ‘close door’ conversations between some of the top leaders of AMK Malaysia,” said Sarawanan Selvarajoo of Shah Alam, referring to the youth wing by its Malay acronym.


“Among them are Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir as chief of AMK Malaysia, Thiban Subbramaniam as the deputy chief of AMK Malaysia, and also Syukri Razab who is the youth wing secretary,”

In screenshots of the chats, the youth leaders expressed dissatisfaction with Anwar’s leadership, saying they felt used by their president. They also made fun of his claim of having the numbers in parliament to be prime minister.

Sarawanan said the thrust of the conversation was to insult and embarrass the party president and Shamsul Iskandar, who is PKR information chief.

“They also linked him (Anwar) to the riots that took place last year at the youth congress,” he said.

This was a serious charge, he said.

Akmal yesterday issued an apology for the offending messages, saying he was willing to face disciplinary action.

Sarawanan, however, demanded that Akmal quit.

“The Shah Alam youth wing wants this investigated immediately and wants Akmal to resign as youth chief.”

He said the party has recently suffered a major betrayal and action should be taken at once to address this new episode before it grew out of control.

Muhamad Affandi Abdul Malik and Arie Yudistira Ishaq, respectively of Port Dickson and Gombak, echoed the call for speedy action.

“Akmal and Syukri should stop being hypocrites in front of the president and other party leaders,” said the Gombak youth chief.

Affandi described the conversations as “cynical and childish”, and completely inappropriate. – TMI