PM to use existing vehicle at office, turns down new Mercedes S600 limo

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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has decided to use whatever vehicle is available at the office for daily use and rejected using a new luxury car.

The Prime Minister through a post on Facebook said the decision was made as he did not want any new expenses to be incurred.

“I would like to inform you that yesterday, I refused to use a Mercedes S600 vehicle that was purchased and obtained by the Prime Minister’s Department before I came into office.


“I took this step because I did not want any additional expenditure to be incurred for my sake. Instead, I have decided to use any vehicle available in the office for daily use,” he said on Facebook last night.

Anwar previously announced that he would reduce unnecessary expenses in his administration.

The S600 model has been discontinued but was priced at over RM1.7 million when it was launched in Malaysia.

Anwar has assumed an austere image since his appointment as prime minister, repeatedly stressing that politicians should not look to join his administration in the pursuit of wealth and luxury.

He previously told political leaders seeking to join his national unity government that a core tenet would be the complete rejection of corruption.