Rafidah: Malaysia hit with Covid, corruption and confusion

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The country is not just battling the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, it is also troubled with corruption and confusion, said former minister Rafidah Aziz.

Labelling the problems as the 3Cs, Rafidah said in a statement that there was an absence of coherent policy measures and approaches in addressing the pandemic.

“There seems to be a strong correlation between confusing statements by those in authority and the upsurge in infections registered.


“Especially when statements and announcements change by the day, sometimes by the hour, and some hardly make sense,” she said.

The former minister of international trade and industry cited the government’s logic to ferry unrelated people into a tourist bus but not allowing a family of five to travel in a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

Putrajaya has been using tourist buses to send Covid-19 patients to quarantine centres while the standard operating procedure allows three individuals from a family to be in a car.

She also slammed the government for flip-flopping over which ministries can give permission to cross borders or allow economic sectors to operate.

“One day it is Miti, then it is not Miti and then it is Miti again. Why does it have to be Miti?”

“Why not the relevant ministry and department so that the deluge at Miti can be reduced?” she said.

The government on Monday said that all approval letters to operate businesses or for travel for that purpose will come from a one-stop centre overseen by Miti.

The day before, Putrajaya had said approvals would be given by ministries for industries relevant to them.

It was also announced that all Miti approval letters to operate businesses or travel for that purpose issued previously would cease to have effect from June 1. Later it was announced that the letter was allowed to be used until June 3.

Rafidah further said that the “cash is king” slogan seems to be the driver of decisions as corruption was no longer a mere aberration in society.

“It is evolving into an SOP itself. Each day, someone is in court, or hauled in by the MACC,” she said.

Rafidah, who was dubbed as the Iron Lady, also questioned the government’s decision to place Parliament under “lockdown”.

“Preventing proper debate and for the duration of a political emergency, there will be the continued absence of check and balance,” she added.

Malaysia is currently under the first phase of a hard lockdown from June 1 to 14 with much tighter restrictions, to be followed by four weeks of more relaxed conditions, if the initial phase succeeds in bringing down the number of daily Covid-19 infections. – TMI