Rumblings in Melaka Umno

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Rumblings in Melaka Umno over the rushed swearing-in of chief minister Sulaiman Md Ali will not threaten the new Barisan Nasional-led state government, say sources in the know.

Earlier, The Star reported that state Umno chief Ab Rauf Yusoh had tried to lobby top party leaders, including Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob and BN adviser Najib Razak, for the chief minister’s post.

He was noticeably absent when Sulaiman was sworn in early this morning and told the news outlet that it was up to the party to explain why he was absent at the ceremony.

Rauf, the former state assembly speaker, will be holding a press conference at 9pm tonight.

Two well-placed BN sources told FMT the coalition is aware of Rauf’s unhappiness but said that “everything is under control”.

“It’s true. But the situation is under control,” said one source.

Another said there was no threat at all to the new government with all BN elected representatives committed to ensuring political stability in the state.

“Everyone is tired. Our assemblymen know the people are tired of politicking and just want to close this chapter and move on.

“Our assemblymen just want to hit the ground running.

“They won’t drag the state into another crisis.”

In yesterday’s state elections, BN won 21 of the 28 state seats up for grabs. – FMT