Terror Suspect Aimed to Bomb Seafield Temple

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One of the four terror suspects nabbed by police earlier this month planned to bomb the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Selangor, where firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim was injured when responding to riots there in November.

Intelligence sources told The Malaysian Insight that the suspect, a 34-year-old from Terengganu, was determined to avenge Adib, who died because of injuries sustained during the riot.

The cause of Adib’s injuries is disputed and an inquest is underway to determine if he was beaten by rioters or hit by the Fire and Rescue Department vehicle.

The suspect, a father of two from Kg Kuala Berang, smuggled in explosives to carry out more attacks at churches, Chinese temples and several entertainment outlets in the Klang Valley.

The suspect was among four Islamic State (IS) sympathisers who had planned the attacks during Ramadan. They were nabbed in a series of operations earlier this month.

“This man from Terengganu was determined to avenge Adib’s death. The bombs which he smuggled into Malaysia were primarily meant for the Sri Maha Mariamman temple.”

Police seized a pistol and six improvised-explosive devices (IED) from the suspects at two locations in Terengganu.

“The police team had to walk 6km into an estate where the suspect hid the pistol. The team was then taken to another location, where the IEDs were hidden,” the source said.

The suspect had been in regular contact with separatists from a neighbouring country, said the source.

“Messages and intelligence among terror suspects were passed through him,” the source said, adding that suspect has a record for theft and drug-related offences.

Earlier, Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said the four suspected terrorists also planned to assassinate several high-profile individuals but did not name them.

Three other suspects arrested were two Rohingya and an Indonesian.

One of the Rohingya is a supporter of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) and holds a UNHCR refugee card, while the other suspect has no identification documents.

The two Rohingya were detained in Kuala Lumpur while the Indonesian was picked up in Subang Jaya.

All four men had been communicating via WhatsApp and had received instructions from a Malaysian IS member still in Syria.

Police are looking for three others to assist investigations.

They have been identified as Syazni Mahzan and Nurul Azim Azizan both from Bedong in Kedah; and Fathir Thir, an Indonesian whose last known address was in Banting, Selangor. – TMI

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