Tian Chua not defending PKR vice-president post

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PKR veteran Tian Chua does not intend to defend his post as vice-president in the next party election.

When contacted, he confirmed that he would not be contesting in any post at the central level in the polls set for May.

“Yes. I have decided not to contest in this election.

“I made the decision after thinking about it at length. I have served in the central leadership since the formation of the party.


“I also believe that if I serve and contribute to the party, I will not necessarily occupy any high position,” he added.

Tian Chua is one of the founders of the PKR party.

He is also a former Batu MP since 2008 before being banned from contesting in 2018.

Meanwhile, Tian Chua thinks that this party election is very challenging.

“I think this election is a very challenging situation with the GE getting very close and also need to reorganise our work at the grassroots.

“For me, there is no need to hold a high position but I will stay with my party and try whatever I can to make sure that this party wins the next GE.

“We have very little time and I hope PKR members will realise that the general election is more important,” he added.

Meanwhile, FMT reported that while Tian Chua was not intending to contest the vice-president post, he could still try to run for an MP seat, possibly in Batu. – Malaysiakini