Umno Branches Demand for Musa

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Several hours after more than 20 Umno branch chiefs from the N51 Sungai Manila state constituency voiced their objections to BN’s candidate Mokran Ingkat, Sabah Umno chief Bung Moktar Radin said the issue was resolved.

“This is normal in politics. Not all candidates will be well-liked. Even myself, people did not like. But after a while, they will like,” Bung was quoted as saying when met at the BN Libaran command centre.

Azneal Ishak/Malaysiakini

“Today was a meeting between Umno president and the machinery here. For me all is well, we gave words of encouragement to our machinery to ensure our candidates’ victory in this state election,” he said.

Bung, who will be standing in the Lamag state seat under his Kinabatangan parliamentary constituency, also reiterated that former chief minister Musa Aman did not ask to contest and so the issue of objections should not arise.

Musa’s name is absent from all candidate lists announced by the various parties so far, fuelling further speculation that he would attempt to contest as an independent candidate.

Quizzed on the possible impact to Umno should Musa make a surprise appearance tomorrow as a candidate in Sungai Manila, Suhaimi said, “I have confidence that it will not happen.”

Alyaa Alhadjri/Malaysiakini

Musa is technically still an Umno member, but his allegiance has been unclear since the 2018 general election.

On Wednesday, Musa sparked speculations on his political future with a cryptic Facebook post, “I’m going back to Sungai Manila”.

Earlier, over 20 Sabah Umno branch chiefs pledged to support Musa Aman, rejecting the party’s candidate Mokran Ingkat.

The chiefs from four polling districts under the N51 Sungai Manila state seat described Mokran as an unknown figure to them.

Taman Sri Gaya Umno branch chairperson Safar Sastro said Mokran was not known in the area since he had never served its constituents or was a member to any of its branches.

“We from DUN N51 Sungai Manila do not accept the candidate announced yesterday because he never did any work here. We want to win, so there is no other option besides Musa,” he said.

Safar urged for the candidate to be changed if Umno wishes to come out victorious in the upcoming state election.

Umno Rancangan Lubuh branch chairman Hassan Kibing said they would stand by Musa, no matter what decision was made.

“Whatever party he contests for, we will still support him. Even if he stands as an Independent candidate, he will still gain our votes,” he said.

Sungai Manila is one of 13 new state constituencies created ahead of the state election, with a portion of its voters shifted out from Sungai Sibuga, which has been held by Musa since 1994.

Speculation is rife that the former chief minister could swing a surprise on Nomination Day on Saturday (Sept 12).