Wanita DAP denies connection to ex-assemblywoman’s same-sex marriage

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Wanita DAP chief Chong Eng has denied any involvement with a former assemblywoman who is alleged to have had a same-sex marriage.

The unity government, she said, had never recognised or supported the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Chong clarified this following a social media frenzy after pictures of a former DAP assemblywoman circulated online accusing the individual of being in a same-sex marriage that allegedly took place at a premise in Balik Pulau.

“For your information, the former assemblywoman is understood to be in the United States (US) after leaving Malaysia for a long time and she no longer represents the party after withdrawing from politics.

Aziah Azmee

“We also have no knowledge of the former assemblywoman’s personal matters and activities after she left for overseas,” said Chong.

“I want to emphasise that the current government does not support LGBT and should not use this issue as political capital,” she added.

Chong, who is also the Penang Committee for Women, Family Development, Gender Inclusion and Non-Islamic Religions chairman, attributed the allegation as a move to gain political mileage and urged the irresponsible parties behind it to stop the act.

She said this after meeting reporters during the launch ceremony of the Wanita Bangkit Gathering at Seberang Jaya Expo Site, yesterday. – NST