Zahid cautions party dissidents not to try his patience

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Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has cautioned dissidents within the party to not try his patience and further attempt to push him against a wall.

“I am grateful to be given an opportunity to lead the party and defend it from various attacks, including from attempts to paralyse the party.

“We have identified them (dissidents). Yet the spirit of partisan and loyalty override everything. Even though I need to have the benefit of the doubt, my top priority is the sustainability of the party,” he said while delivering a keynote address at the Umno annual general assembly 2021 today.

Zahid pointed out that he may appear quiet and tolerant but it does not mean he’s unaware of the situation and neither is he complacent.

“Don’t test me too much,” he warned.

“Stop trying to push me against the wall. I am not infallible. I am not perfect but everything has its limits,” he added.

Zahid, however, did not name any party leader or individuals in his speech.

Pressure has been mounting on Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to call for snap polls but factions aligned to the Umno vice-president appeared to be pushing back against such a demand.

Zahid, who has advocated for a snap election, expressed disappointment over what he called a betrayal within his party.

“I don’t pay attention to outside attacks, alah bisa tegal biasa (used to the sting).

“But I am disappointed with the attacks from within (api dalam sekam), the saboteurs (gunting dalam lipatan) within the party who are looking to betray us,” he said, without mincing his words.

Zahid added that he was aware of certain movements being planned by some quarters in the party ahead of Umno polls, which is slated to be held by the end of the year.

However, he wants Umno’s leadership and its members to pay no mind to this and instead train their focus on bigger agendas such as the 15th general election.

Party unity, Zahid said, is more important than calling for party polls that can divide Umno.

“I know what’s going on, who is managing a campaign (against the leadership), who is financing it, the president is indeed not in the dark.

“The party president was once a defence minister and home minister, there have been investigations on what’s going on in the party, let’s just focus on uniting the party,” he added.

Umno has postponed its internal election to December. – Malaysiakini