Chinese and Indians can only laugh at Munafiq PAS’ pathetic begging for votes

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PAS leaders had miscalculated the importance of the Chinese and Indian when it burned the bridge in a war against the non-Malays.

If there’s a contest for “The Biggest Munafiq (hypocrite) Of The Year”, Abdul Hadi Awang will win the championship hands down. He will also grab the “Mr Traitor” and “Mr U-Turn” in the competition. For obvious reasons, the only titles he will fail to win are the beauty, talent and photogenic categories of the pageant. The power-crazy old man will do anything just to taste power again.

In fact, if the price is right, the president of the PAS Islamist party will sell his daughters and wives. The snake oil salesman is so dangerous and hypocritical that he would give Hamas terrorists a run for the money. At least, Hamas was consistent in its refusal to recognize Israel and the existence of the Jewish state, therefore the failure of the “two-state” solution.

Hadi has no problem shifting the goalpost and changing its principle overnight to suit his agenda, including Islamizing non-Muslims in the country, or at least forcing the minority ethnic Chinese and Indians to become slaves. To poison the mind of some simpleton Malays who possessed little intellectual, he once asked if Malays in the country “would rather be cow herders or pig herders”.

The fake holy man was trying to scare the insecure Malay Muslims into thinking that in the event non-Muslims were to rule Malaysia, the Malays – despite forming the majority of the ethnic groups – would end up looking after pigs. It was to create distrust and hatred against the non-Muslims, a political strategy to keep the Muslim Malays and non-Muslims divided for easier control.

Yes, PAS president Hadi Awang is legendary when it comes to lying, twisting and demonizing in promoting the politics of hatred and falsehood. Behaving like God’s messenger, he has created a perception among his blind followers that he holds the key to heaven, with 72 virgins thrown in. And he always gets away with inciting violence and unrest because the government has no balls to nail him.

Insulting non-Malays, especially the ethnic Chinese as “pigs” was just the appetizer. Malaysia’s northern Kedah state, governed by PAS, had not only completely destroyed the non-Muslims’ rights by banning licensed gambling and alcohol consumption, but had also threatened to cut water supply to Penang – unless the island paid RM50 million annually as blackmailed by the notorious Chief Minister Sanusi.

Arrogant with power, when Kedah Chief Minister Sanusi was criticised for demolishing the Hindu temples, he mocked and insulted the Hindus – calling them “drunk on toddy”. To destroy Chinese and Tamil education, PAS and its ally Bersatu had proposed to close down all SJKC vernacular schools so that the non-Muslims have no choice but to study at national schools, which have already become religious schools.

Further proof that the religious extremists wanted to Islamize non-Muslims was when a Chinese woman in the state of Kelantan was slapped with a compound for wearing “a t-shirt and a short” in her own clothing store. Clearly, PAS’ definition of decent dressing was based on its own interpretation of Islamic dressing. It didn’t care at all about the culture of non-Muslims.

It certainly didn’t help that the Terengganu state government had recently banned women from competing in gymnastics events due to the extremist’s obsession over attire. Several of Terengganu’s women’s gymnasts who were supposed to compete in the 2024 Malaysian games were offered spots in the Wushu team instead. Unable to understand the basis of economics, PAS’ forte is always sex and Mercedes.

But PAS’ plan to turn the country into a Taliban state is more than forcing people to dress like Egyptian mummies. It wanted to radicalize the entertainment industry. The religious bigots wanted concerts that feature international artists to be banned. PAS leaders had tried – but failed – to pressure for Blackpink concert to be cancelled because it was a bigger threat than religious activities.

PAS religious extremists were not impressed that the South Korean girl group concert was attended by more than 60,000 people. Blackpink, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, was condemned for their clothing and dance movements. In reality, it was terrified of the K-Pop girl group, which despite its revealing and rebelling image, is more influential than the Islamist party.

The best part was when Hadi falsely claimed that the root cause of corruption in the country was the non-Muslims, even though the biggest crooks were Malay Muslims, including three former prime ministers – Mahathir Mohamad, Najib Razak and Muhyiddin Yassin. Even Hadi was himself a crook, having received RM90 million in bribes from Najib in exchange for quitting the now-defunct opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

Despite Mahathir’s previous revelation that 90% of the income tax is paid by the Chinese in the country, Hadi had lied that non-Muslims were “destroyers” who ruin politics and the economy. In truth, it was the Malay Muslims like Hadi and traitor Muhyiddin who destroyed politics and the economy by forming a backdoor regime, mismanaging the economy and spooking foreign investors.

Hilariously though, after years of happily insulting, bullying, discriminating, marginalising and oppressing the non-Muslims, Hadi and his minions have started sucking up to the non-Muslims. At PAS’ just concluded annual congress, the racist and extreme Mullahs have shamelessly begged Chinese and Indians to vote for them in the next 16th General Election.

However, it’s impossible for the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) to win over the non-Malay or non-Muslim voters after what they had said and done. Perhaps it thought the Chinese and Indians were as gullible and ignorant as PAS’ supporters. Even if the non-Muslims can forgive and forget, which they can’t, the “extreme” image of the Islamist party would immediately turn them off.

After demeaning the non-Muslims on various occasions, it’s quite incredible that PAS was so thick-skinned that it didn’t realize the Chinese would rather stay at home than vote for the Taliban. This is yet another proof that for the sake of power and position, Hadi and his gang of corrupt leaders would do and say anything to return to the federal government after losing the national polls.

When mocked and ridiculed for its latest silly hypocrisy, PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan argued that his boss was referring to “non-extreme non-Muslims”. However, in the November 2022 General Election, up to 98% of ethnic Chinese voters cast their votes for the Pakatan Harapan coalition, comprising PKR (People’s Justice Party), DAP (Democratic Action Party) and Amanah.

And since the Islamist party has always condemned DAP as an extreme Chinese party, it also means 98% of the Chinese voters were extremists for supporting the party. Is this the same Chinese vote bank that PAS is targeting to appease? Well, good luck sucking up to them because those “extreme non-Muslims” would rather jump into the sea than vote for PAS.

The only 2% of Chinese treacherous voters willing to vote for the extremist Islamist leaders are the supporters of MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), the traitors of the community. PAS leaders had miscalculated the importance of the Chinese and Indians when they burned the bridge in a war against the non-Malays. It thought by winning only the Malay votes, it could safely rule the country.

The so-called “green wave” saw the Opposition Perikatan Nasional (made up of PAS, Bersatu and Gerakan) winning a whopping 74 seats in the 222-seat parliament. Yet, despite PAS winning 43 seats and 4 states – becoming the single-largest party – the Islamist extremists have been fantastically frustrated and furious for not being able to form the government. The 80% Malay votes it had won were insufficient.

Crucially, the August six state elections and Johor by-elections (September) show the conservative Malays and green wave failed to penetrate the southern part of the country. Led by former backdoor prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the opposition only managed to capture four of the poorest states (Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis), even though Muhyiddin’s Bersatu has zero state to rule.

To add salt to the wound, PAS Islamist party was not only rejected by the non-Malays but also the Bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak, the majority of whom are Christian. While PAS preached that anyone who did not vote for them would go to hell, Muhyiddin showed his true colour when he spread fake news that Christians were working with Jews to Christianise Malaysia.

Therefore, by hook or by crook, snake oil salesman Hadi Awang had to make a spectacular U-turn and pretend to be “non-Muslims-friendly”. Without support from the non-Muslims, PAS cannot win the election, let alone allow the PAS president to become the next prime minister. Hadi needs to do more than just claim that PAS has always demonstrated religious freedom.

The problem is the Chinese and Indians still remember clearly how Hadi said non-Muslims should be grateful that they have been given “a place” in this country – suggesting that the non-Muslims must forever “kowtow”, work like a dog and pay taxes no matter how much they are being bullied, discriminated and oppressed so that parasites like PAS and Bersatu can live lavishly without lifting a finger. – Finance Twitter