The Late Karpal Singh’s Son Warns of Political Frogs, His Widow Says His Mission Accomplished

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Ramkarpal warns of condoning political frogs while his mother talks about Karpal’s mission accomplished.

Pakatan Harapan (PH) should not condone Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs crossing over just so it could have a louder voice in Parliament, Bukit Gelugor DAP MP Ramkarpal Singh said today.

He said the influx of BN representatives to PH will see an erosion of confidence among PH voters who wanted a change from the BN regime.

“Our voters’ choice and confidence is paramount and must be respected.

“True reforms which PH needs to embark on in its quest to save Malaysia must necessarily exclude such BN representatives as they were the very ones who condoned and supported the regime under former Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak,” he said in a statement.

Son of the late and much loved and respected Karpal Singh, Ramkarpal said the PH government need not obtain party hoppers from BN for a two-thirds majority in Parliament, adding that the current composition of PH members was sufficient.

He instead said PH, which his father helped to build, should emulate the anti-hopping stance taken by the Penang State Government when it introduced the country’s first anti-hopping law in 2012.

Meanwhile, Ramkarpal’s mother Gurmit Kaur said May 10 this year was a very special day for her.

“On this date, we changed the government. It has become historical, a new Malaysia was born on my birthday,” she said in a moving message on her Facebook.


“I turned 70 on this date. This was the best birthday gift for me from Karpal because I know he has a hand in this victory,” she added.

“My inner sense tells me that if we won, it was not only with the hard work put in by Pakatan Harapan and the rakyat but we certainly had a spiritual hand in the whole campaign.”

Gurmit said God works in mysterious ways. From God’s hand, Karpal moved the nation on to form a new government.

She said the country was Karpal’s passion and he made endless sacrifices, such as leaving to go back home and get blessings from God to see the country move on.

On this, she was referring to Karpal’s untimely and tragic death on April 17, 2014, in a car accident in Kampar, Perak.

“With his blessings, I joined in the GE14 campaign. I’m so overjoyed today that finally, his mission has been accomplished,” Gurmit said.


According to her, Karpal had always said ‘We are dealing with animals. Only God can save us from the devil.’

She said this would not have happened without Karpal’s intervention from Heaven.

“May his soul rest in peace.

“Finally, his mission is accomplished. But for him to leave us to carry on his fight has created a big void in my life and the void will always remain.

“Today I’m a proud mother of not only five accomplished children but I’m also a proud Malaysian,” Gurmit said.

Karpal’s comrade was also thinking of him when PH swept to victory.


A photo of Lim Kit Siang was circulated on social media with the caption “Kit Siang in tears, sad that his comrade Karpal is not here to see this takeover.”