Time for Azmin to Clear the Air

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It has been more than a week and the gay porn saga involving federal minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali continues.

In between the mud-slinging, all kinds of irrelevant issues are being raised involving people on the sidelines.

Personally, I do not think the issue at hand is who masterminded the release the video or who planted the camera or things like that.

What is in question now is whether Azmin did sleep with Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz or not.

Up to now, I do not recall Azmin specifically saying that it was not him in the video.

Also, to put matters to rest, why haven’t the authorities sent the videos to an expert to have them verified.

If they are found to be true, then Azmin should do what is expected of him as a minister.

I recall reading somewhere also that a good way for Azmin to clear his name was for him to swear by the holy book.

If he has nothing to hide, then he should have no issue doing it.

This entire fiasco needs to come to an end soon. Keeping it going is certainly not doing well for the nation’s image, while I am pretty sure it is also driving away FDIs.

Those involved should stop trying to draw attention away from the issue, but instead address it once and for all and lay it to rest.

If Azmin truly did succumb to his sexual desires and throw his bright political future away, then too bad…he has to pay for what he did.