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Bersih demands population equity among constituencies

A need to define numbers precisely to rid Malaysia of malapportionment and gerrymandering. Electoral reform group Bersih is calling for crucial amendments to the Federal...

Bersih lodges police report against Zahid over alleged election offence

Bersih has lodged a police report against deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for making a speech that may “unduly influence” Pulai folk to...

Bersih calls for urgent separation of PP from AGC after Zahid’s...

Bersih said until the Attorney General-Public prosecutor separation was done, the AGC must refrain from withdrawing charges in high-profile cases. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar...

Fearing govt collapse, Bersih calls for reforms soon

The threat of a government collapse is still imminent without the implementation of reforms.

Bersih commends PM’s willingness to reform MACC

Bersih has commended Anwar for his receptiveness towards placing the MACC under Parliament.

Bersih: Instead of a unity government, why not power-sharing through Parliament?

Bersih calls upon all parties to consider power-sharing through Parliament as the way to resolve the government formation deadlock now.

Bersih: Join the GE15 ‘amazing race’ and help bring postal votes...

Malaysians across the globe are urged to unite in “the amazing race” to get postal ballots from voters overseas back to Malaysia in time for GE15.

Bersih urges MACC probe into caretaker PM’s pre-GE15 offers

Not uncommon for caretaker governments in Malaysia to abuse their role and give ‘election goodies’ to try and win votes for their parties.

Caretaker PM can’t write off debts, say ex-MPs, Bersih chief

Writing of hundreds of millions tantamount to ‘abusing state resources’ by using tax monies to ‘fish for votes’ among Felcra settlers and Risda smallholders.

Don’t hold early polls, Bersih tells PM

Polls watchdog Bersih said it was alarmed with the government’s decision to table its budget three weeks earlier than usual, fearing that this was a sign of early polls.

Bersih launches petition asking King to deny Najib royal pardon

An online petition addressed to Istana Negara requesting the Agong reject any opportunity to pardon Najib was launched today.

Kit Siang: Azhar ‘dead wrong’ for describing Muhyiddin as ‘overlooked reformist’

Bersih says democracy in this country had never been more threatened than when it was under Muhyiddin.

Parliamentary Caucus for Multi-Party Democracy formed

Jointly led by Azalina Othman and Maria Chin, with Bersih as the secretariat.

Bersih: Protests crucial role in shaping history

Peaceful protests are legitimate means of political expression.

Bersih: Revoke Tajuddin’s appointment as ambassador to Indonesia

Tajuddin's appointment over a career diplomat is an affront to Parliament as well as his electorate.

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