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Accused rode his bike over Nhaveen’s foot five years ago, testified...

The Penang High Court heard about how T Nhaveen had his foot run over by one of the accused a year before he was beaten to death.

Nhaveen was like a brother, best friend tells murder trial

The star witness in T Nhaveen’s murder trial testified how the four youths charged with killing him had constantly bullied the boy since he was 15.

Star witnesses in Nhaveen case missing

The T Nhaveen murder trial had to be postponed for another month after its star witness, T Previin, and the deceased’s uncle were nowhere to be found.

Activist ordered to stop posting remarks on Nhaveen murder trial

The Penang High Court ordered activist Arun Dorasamy today to cease making social media posts related to the T Nhaveen murder trial.

Activist: AGC giving Nhaveen family lawyers the silent treatment

Prosecutors in the T Nhaveen murder trial have refused to entertain the family’s lawyers over new evidence in the ongoing case.

Mariam Mokhtar: Dr Mahathir – Is he the victim, victor or villain?

Forget Mahathir and the old guards and move forwards.

Khairy: Increase in Covid-19 cases expected soon

The downward trend of new daily Covid-19 cases - which has been between 6,000 and 7,000 over the past week - is expected to increase soon, in part due to interstate travel.

Guan Eng: Why revive pipeline projects but not HSR?

DAP has questioned why Putrajaya decided to revive the tainted TSGP and MPP but chose to axe the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail (HSR) project.

Najib and Muhyiddin face off in do-or-die battle for Melaka

Najib Razak and Muhyiddin Yassin will face off on November 20 as both set out to prove their party is the most popular among Malay voters.

Ramkarpal: PH will lose its credibility if it accepts Melaka 4

PH cannot be seen to be complicit by accepting Melaka 4. The push by Pakatan Harapan (PH) for electoral reforms especially the anti-hopping law will...

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