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Shafie: Best for Tommy Thomas to explain controversial letter to so-called...

It’s best for Tommy Thomas to explain the controversial 2019 letter to lawyers of Sulu heirs.

Shafie Apdal: Warisan ready to work with winning coalition in GE15

Shafie Apdal rejects Sheraton Move because it is not the people’s mandate.

Shafie: Election results show people want leadership change in PH

Shafie Apdal says the results of the three recent state elections have clearly shown that the people wanted a change in the PH leadership.

Shafie Legitimate Sabah Chief Minister

Appointment of Shafie valid under Sabah constitution.

Shafie Cleared of RM1.5B Misappropriation Allegations

Shafie Apdal has been cleared of RM1.5 billion misappropriation allegations.

Fake Statement Asking Public to Stop Bashing Najib and Rosmah Gone...

A fake statement asking the public to stop bashing Najib and Rosmah has gone viral.

Shafie Shocked over Huge Losses Suffered by Sabah Foundation Subsidiary

Shafie Apdal is shocked over the huge losses suffered by a Sabah Foundation subsidiary.

Shafie Holds On to Finance Portfolio Despite Criticisms

Sabah chief minister Shafie Apdal holds on to finance portfolio despite criticisms.

Calls for Shafie to Give Up Finance Post

Calls for Shafie to give up Finance post.

Musa No Longer Sabah CM, Shafie First Day on the Job

Musa Aman no longer Sabah Chief Minister while Shafie Apdal starts his first day on the job.

Sabah’s Two CMs: Both Sworn In, One Yet to Resign

Sabah has sworn in two chief ministers, with one of them yet to resign.

Shafie To Be Sworn in As Sabah CM Tonight

Shafie Apdal to be sworn in as Sabah Chief Minister tonight.

Horse Trading in Sabah: Musa Aman Claims Simple Majority

The horse trading in Sabah sees Musa Aman claiming a simple majority.

Sabah Politics in Limbo as Shafie Turned Away from Governor’s Palace

Sabah politics is in a limbo as Shafie Apdal was turned away from the Governor's palace.

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