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Shahrir Samad: PAS key players in ‘Sheraton Move’ planning to topple...

Shahrir Abdul Samad claimed that PAS and Hadi Awang are attempting to topple the unity government for their advantage.

Shahrir Samad acquitted of money-laundering charges

Shahrir Samad has been freed of money-laundering charges involving RM1 million, allegedly received from Najib.

Shahrir Samad’s trial: There were witnesses to RM1m paid by Najib...

Shahrir Samad allegedly failed to report to the IRB that he received RM1 million from Najib.

Shahrir Samad ‘ashamed’ Umno won’t make Hasni Johor MB as pledged

Umno cannot name a party leader to head the state government.

Shahrir Quits Felda, FGV Shares Close Higher

Following news of Shahrir quitting Felda, FGV shares close higher.

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