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Plot to topple govt: Sanusi says it’s ‘Chow Kit Move’, not...

Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has confirmed the existence of a plot by the opposition to topple the government. However, instead of it...

Mat Sabu: Hadi’s ‘topple govt’ remarks could spook investors

Mohamad Sabu is afraid that Hadi's alleged admission of a plot to topple the government might drive away investors.

Shahrir Samad: PAS key players in ‘Sheraton Move’ planning to topple...

Shahrir Abdul Samad claimed that PAS and Hadi Awang are attempting to topple the unity government for their advantage.

Hadi: PN to wait for next GE to ‘topple’ govt

PN is working to become the government by winning the next general election instead of looking to topple the current government.

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