Enough is enough, Johor ruler says on plot to topple government

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Johor ruler, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar expressed concerns over reports of instability within the government months after the 15th general election (GE15).

As such, he reminded elected leaders that voters placed high hopes on them, hoping the 222 MPs would bring back political stability.

“Until today, the 222 MPs cannot get on the same page, with efforts made to derail the stability being carefully built.

“This is not healthy for the entire nation, whether socially, economically or even our standing internationally.

“Enough is enough. How long must the 30 over million people of our country endure this situation?

“The economy must recover and Malaysia’s prosperity must be prioritised,” said Sultan Ibrahim on Facebook.

Recently, Bersatu’s Muhammad Faiz Na’aman left a cryptic message, fuelling speculation that he was referring to the opposition coalition’s support in Dewan Rakyat.

In the Facebook post, he wrote, “It has reached 126… If true, Alhamdulillah”.

In a separate post, Faiz revealed that a journalist had quizzed him on the matter, in which the former refused to comment on what the number meant and told the reporter to “just wait and see”.

Meanwhile, BN deputy chairperson Mohamad Hasan denied their MPs are involved in efforts to topple the government as alleged by certain parties.

Responding to Faiz, he said BN would not bring down the existing government as it promised to form a stable government needed to manage the country.

“To bring down the current government would be difficult. The anti-party hopping law is in effect and any MP who wants to support another party has to resign for a by-election to be held.

“Besides, the current government has a pretty big majority of 148,” the defence minister added. – Malaysiakini