Mat Sabu: Hadi’s ‘topple govt’ remarks could spook investors

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Amanah president Mohamad Sabu is afraid that Abdul Hadi Awang’s alleged admission of a plot to topple the government might drive away investors.

As a veteran in politics, the PAS president should instead urge his party members to support Perikatan Nasional – which PAS is a component of – and work towards toppling the government in the next general election, Mohamad said.

“Not (topple the government) by causing holes on the roof, Sheraton Move, or by getting statutory declarations because such acts can spook the rakyat and investors.


“However, I have confidence that the government helmed by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim will last until the next general election.

“Build up Malaysia Madani, a democratic Malaysia, and change the government if you want in the next election,” Mohamad said in a video on Facebook last night.

The agriculture and food security minister was commenting on Hadi’s remark that plotting to topple the government is allowed in a democratic country, and the opposition has the right to make such plans.

This came after the Marang MP’s prediction last week that Anwar’s government will collapse soon. Hadi did not divulge details.

Elaborating, Mohamad said among the factors that investors look for before investing in a country are prosperity, peace, and political stability.

“But when you have a senior politician like Hadi who often talks about changing the government outside of an election, it could spook investors.

“The change of three prime ministers in a short period of time has already disrupted investments in the country. Therefore, it is best to change the government only in an election,” he added. – Malaysiakini