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After Johnson Lee, the Heat is on for Alex Wong

Investors in China are going after Alex Wong, founder of Richway, while at least 10 money game operations have collapsed and JJPTR founder Johnson Lee has been detained for questioning.

News Websites Fell for Croc and Bull Story

News websites fooled by story of African pastor eaten by crocodiles while recreating Jesus walking on water.

Focus on Warding off WannaCry Attack Not Hoaxes

Tips to prevent ransomware WannaCry attack and identifying hoaxes, some of which are resurfacing, that are circulating.

Johnson Lee and Two Aides Arrested, Remanded Three Days

JJPTR founder Johnson Lee and two of his aides were arrested and remanded for three days, beginning today.

JJPTR Alleged Loss RM500M or RM1.7B?

Police say JJPTR could have pocketed RM1.7 billion from investors.

JJPTR Raid, Bank Accounts Frozen

Authorities from various departments raided JJPTR's head office in Penang at about noon today, and have also frozen five of its bank accounts.

Johnson Lee Exalted Like a Modern-Day Robin Hood

JJPTR founder Johnson Lee made his first public appearance to refund OKU investors their capital.

Controversial Chess Dress Not What It Appeared to Be?

Claim by tournament director that controversial chess dress worn by girl "forced" to withdraw from tournament was doctored to make it look longer.

Talking a Different Money Game Talk

The magic has gone out of Penang's money games, the tides are turning against them, investors just want their money back.

Exposed: Hellhole of a Predator’s Cybersex Den

Vile images and grim footage of the Philipines webcam sex bust which reveals rising child sexual abuse.

Rosmah Stalked and Harassed in London, Alleged Minister

Salleh Said Keruak's blog post on Sarawak Report's stalking and harassing of Rosmah Mansor in London.

Recent or Resurfaced Fake News

Fake news in March to May 2017 found on the Internet and spread on social media.

The Johnson Lee Enigma: Super Salesman or Convincing Conman?

Johnson Lee's first face-to-face meeting with the media since the alleged hacking of JJPTR accounts and its huge losses.

Once Bitten, Twice Not Shy

Fyre Festival guests still keen on next year's event, while JJPTR investors still interested in new plan.

Putting Simon the Giant Rabbit’s Case to Rest

United Airlines pays breeder five-figure compensation for death of giant rabbit Simon.

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