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MACC probes Bestinet over supply of Bangladeshi workers

The MACC has launched a probe into Bestinet Sdn Bhd over supply of workers from Bangladesh.

‘Clear-kan’ (dispose of) not exact words used by Syed Saddiq, witness’...

Rafiq Hakim Razali admitted that the order to “clear-kan” (dispose of) part of RM1 million was not the exact words used by Syed Saddiq.

Strong objections to vacating hearing involving Najib’s bid to appoint QC

Judge ruled hearing over Najib's QC would go on.

Syed Saddiq’s trial: Witness says no Bersatu constitution laws broken over...

An offence would only have been committed if the money was spent without prior approval.

Witness: I agreed to testify against Syed Saddiq to avoid prosecution

Abdul Hannaan Khairy felt intimidated by MACC officers.

Former solicitor-general breaks silence on acquittal of maid’s death

Hanafiah claims that Tommy Thomas was unhappy with the outcome due to backlash from the Indonesian embassy.

Name BN party in ‘IC for votes’ scandal, Leiking tells Ongkili

Darell Leiking has praised Maximus Ongkili for admitting that a BN component party had issued ICs to undocumented migrants in Sabah in exchange for votes.

High Court postpones Rosmah’s graft trial verdict to Sept

No reason given for rescheduling Rosmah's verdict.

Ongkili: BN party gave ICs to migrants to get votes

Maximus Ongkili has claimed that a Barisan Nasional component party had given identification cards (ICs) to undocumented migrants in exchange for their votes.

Hamzah: Sabah-based party president nabbed for being alleged mastermind of ID...

The president of PPRS has been detained for allegedly being the mastermind of an identification document scam syndicate.

Zahid never denied to MACC on using charity’s funds for credit...

Zahid today claimed to have been under pressure during the MACC investigations on him.

Anwar: I didn’t become PM because I didn’t want to meddle...

Responding to a revelation made by Tajuddin Abdul Rahman that there was a move to support Anwar as prime minister by Umno MPs in 2020.

Mas Ermieyati and Mustapa Mohamed deny Zahid’s misappropriation claim

Mas Ermieyati has dismissed claims made by Zahid that she had defected from Umno after GE14 to save herself from MACC investigations into alleged abuse of election funds.

Prosecution asks Federal Court to reject Najib’s bid to cancel SRC...

The prosecution is asking the Federal Court to throw out Najib's application to nullify or cancel the entire trial where he was found guilty of the misappropriation of SRC funds.

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