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Shafee: Najib Won’t Try to Get Case Dropped, Wants to Clear...

Najib Razak would never seek to have his criminal cases dropped but will instead want to have his name cleared by going through trial in the courts.

Syed Saddiq: Leaked Bersatu Audio Clip a “Blatant Lie”

In leaked clip, Dr M heard trying to delay Bersatu from leaving PH, despite “dislike for DAP and Anwar”.

Najib’s Lawyer Unperturbed by Prospect of Riza Testifying

Najib Razak’s defence team said it had no problem with the prosecution’s move to call its client’s stepson Riza Aziz to testify in the 1MDB trial.

Riza Aziz Could Be Called to Testify Against Stepdad Najib in...

Riza Aziz could be called as a prosecution witness to testify against Najib in the latter’s 1MDB corruption trial.

Audio: Pro-Anwar PH Leaders Against Dewan Rakyat Vote to Choose Dr...

Azmin and Zuraida were the only PKR MPs in disagreeing with a succession timeline, while Amanah’s Khalid and DAP's Gobind and Loke were vocal in urging Mahathir to state a specific date.

Umno Legal Adviser Sends New Representation to AGC on Money Laundering...

Umno legal adviser Hafarizam Harun has sent a second representation to the AGC to review the money laundering charges, involving RM15 million, filed against him.

Prosecution Seeks to Cite Najib for Contempt over “Fair Trial” Remark...

The prosecution today said it would be seeking to initiate contempt of court proceedings against Najib Razak over his reported remarks of hoping to get a “fair trial” in the 1MDB case.

Government Recovers RM600K from Riza Aziz

Riza agrees to forfeit money of various denominations from Najib's house.

Tommy Thomas Hits Back at A-G Idrus, Calls Riza’s Discharge a...

Tommy Thomas hits back at Idrus Harun's remarks that Malaysia was expected to recover approximately US$$108 million after Riza Aziz was given a DNAA.

UK Media Watchdog Fines Zakir Naik’s TV Network RM1.59M for Hate...

UK media regulator, Oftcom has fined satellite TV network Peace TV and its Urdu offshoot a total £300,000 (RM1.59 million) for broadcasting hate speech and “highly offensive” content.

PMO: Muhyiddin Had No Hand in Riza’s Discharge

The Prime Minister’s Office said today Muhyiddin was not involved with the controversial decision that saw Riza Aziz given a discharge.

Masir Says Seat in Parliament Not His Choice, Maintains Being Opposition

Sri Aman MP Dato Masir Kujat has denied shifting his political allegiance after he was seated with government backbenchers during the one-day Parliament sitting today.

How Two Factions Clashed in First 45 Minutes of PH’s Final...

The first 45 minutes of PH's meeting during its final week in power in February saw ministers and party leaders openly clashing with each other over the question of Dr Mahathir's tenure as PM.

“Fake” Letter on Anwar’s Support for Muhyiddin as PM

An aide to Anwar Ibrahim has described as "fake" a purported letter of undertaking that pledged the PKR president's support for Muhyiddin Yassin.

Khalid Samad Confirms Ex-Aide Arrested in Graft Probe

A former aide of ex-federal territories minister Khalid Abdul Samad has been arrested and is under remand to facilitate police investigations into alleged corruption.

Why Encroach into Other Bus Operators’ Business?

On whether allowing tour buses to be hired through e-hailing or providing feeder service is feasible.

Shahruddin Resignation Leaves Muhyiddin’s Position Shaky

Shahruddin Salleh’s resignation as the deputy works minister today has raised uncertainties over Muhyiddin's grip on power, with the possibility of his razor-thin government being removed.

Najib’s SRC Trial: Defence Say Najib a Victim of Conspiracy

Najib Razak is a victim of a conspiracy that involved Low Taek Jho and former SRC CEO Nik Faisal, as well as rogue bankers.

Report: AirAsia to Retrench Over 250 Staff

Low-cost carrier AirAsia Group Bhd is expected to retrench over 250 staff and personnel amid its efforts to downsize operations.

No Livestock Slaughtering in PJ Old Town Market

While the market reopens on Saturday, chicken traders are only scheduled to return on July 1 as the market space needed upkeep and repair works.

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