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Govt paid RM273m for a new customs system that was never...

The government had paid out almost RM273 million for a new customs system that was never delivered.

1MDB suit: Riza Aziz ordered to file defence by Oct 25

The Kuala Lumpur High Court has ordered Riza Aziz to file his statement of defence in response to a RM1.03 billion suit.

IRB denies data leak of 4 million individuals from its web...

The IRB has denied a claim that there was a data leak involving information of four million individuals from its web portal.

Zahid’s trial: Court told that Zahid not transparent when extending visa...

The High Court in Shah Alam was told today that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was not transparent and did not follow procedures.

Mustapa denies over RM2b paid to consultants to compile 12MP

Mustapa Mohamed has denied that the government spent over RM2 billion on foreign consultants to prepare the 12MP.

Mukhriz: RM13m likely investment in biotech company doing cancer research

The RM13 million said to have been wired overseas from the Kedah-owned MBI could be an investment in a biotech company doing cancer research.

Two cases of support letters during the tenures of two previous...

Annuar Musa allegedly assisted a developer secure two plots of land, while Khalid Samad endorsed a project.

Report: Alleged RM25m theft in MACC ‘tip of the iceberg’, claim...

One of the MACC officers detained in connection with the alleged theft of RM25 million is described as “problematic” but well-connected.

No probe into allegations of stolen Tabung Haji funds

No investigation was carried out over funds allegedly stolen from Tabung Haji involving the board’s top management.

Wee: Rumour that senior citizens must surrender driving licence false

Information circulating online claiming that individuals aged 70 and up need to surrender their driving licence is false.

MACC seizes over RM1.6m in assets from its senior officer detained...

The MACC has seized over RM1.6mil in assets linked to one of its senior officers.

Malaysian ‘Fat Leonard’ to spill the beans on worst US navy...

Leonard Glenn Francis is poised to spill the beans through a nine-episode weekly podcast beginning Oct 5.

Khalid Samad blasts portal for letter of support claim over land...

Claims too vague to allow Khalid to defend himself properly and he does not recall such a move.

Appeals court allows Altantuya’s family access to police statements in murder...

The court ruled that the statements were relevant to the family’s civil suit in the unlawful killing and should be handed over within 14 days.

Guan Eng’s trial: MACC officer tells court businessmen didn’t discuss paying...

The KL Sessions Court was told on Friday (Sept 24) of several WhatsApp messages exchanged between two individuals with supposed links to Guan Eng.

C4: Why didn’t AGC object to Najib’s passport application?

Question of how the government would ensure Najib would not abscond.

DAP rejects Norhizam as candidate for Malacca polls

DAP will not accept Norhizam Hassan Baktee as a candidate for the upcoming Malacca state election.

Selangor MB denies being on the take from illegal gambling syndicates

Selangor MB Amirudin Shari has come out to deny allegations of him being on the take from illegal gambling syndicates.

Nur Sajat in Sydney, seeking asylum

Controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat, who is being sought after by local authorities is currently in Sydney, Australia.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid ordered charity funds’ misuse for credit card bills but later blamed...

Zahid would have been well aware of what the cheques were used for based on the cheque butts.

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