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American journalists: No one in Malaysian government is asking China for...

No one in Malaysia has actually asked China for the return of Jho Low, despite what was previously reported.

Witness: Jho Low in car convoy to Najib’s home in 2011

Former banker saw Jho Low at Najib’s house during opening of AmBank account.

Rafizi revives questions over alleged RM854m defence contract via direct tender

Rafizi Ramli has revived questions over alleged interference by Tengku Zafrul and Ismail Sabri in a RM854 million defence contract.

Najib’s lawyer shows fourth Saudi prince letter promising £50m ‘gift’

A purported letter from an alleged Saudi prince had promised in 2014 to give £50 million as a gift to Najib Razak.

PAC: Appointment of MySejahtera developer didn’t follow procedure

A corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was used to secure the government contract.

Alleged Arab royal promised US$1.17b donation to Najib, claim letters

All three letters from alleged Saudi prince careful to say that the donation of hundreds of millions of US dollars should not be seen as an act of corruption.

1MDB trial: Seized jewellery, watches, handbags bought using 1MDB funds

Seized items valued at RM80 million.

Najib’s account: RM2.08b went in within 20 days

A bank manager today told the Kuala Lumpur High Court that in 2013, Najib had received RM2.08 billion.

Guan Eng urges MACC to probe Nik Abduh for power abuse...

Lim Guan Eng has called on the MACC to probe Nik Mohamad Abduh regarding abuse of power allegations over the wedding of the PAS lawmaker’s son.

Ahmad Maslan: Zahid not Umno’s candidate for PM

Ahmad Maslan claims fake statement that the party will nominate Zahid as its PM candidate for GE15.

Questions raised as Umno leaders join PM entourage to US

Questions have been raised regarding eight Umno leaders tagging along with Ismail Sabri to New York.

Zahid’s acquittal: Judge cannot imagine what envelope could fit SG$600k

A crucial element missing from the prosecution's case against Zahid was how the money was delivered.

1MDB trial: Najib earned more than RM1.25 million in interest alone

Najib generated more than a million ringgit as interest earnings from AmBank for funds in his personal bank account.

Report: No special treatment for Najib in Kajang prison

Najib is not getting any special treatment in Kajang Prison.

Prosecution wraps up 1MDB audit report case

The prosecution in the 1MDB audit tampering case has wrapped up its case.

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