Anwar: Chinese firm ‘bumiputera-fied’ under Jana Wibawa

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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim told Dewan Rakyat that a Chinese-owned company posed as a bumiputera firm to participate in the Jana Wibawa programme.

This, Anwar said, was among the many irregularities uncovered in the probe on the programme, initiated by previous administrations specifically to help bumiputera contractors during the pandemic.

“This project was specifically for the bumiputera. I let it continue. I never cancelled it. I only asked that the contracts be re-negotiated because of violations of several rules.

“(There was a) Chinese company in Johor that was dibumiputerakan (bumiputera-fied) because (the owner) happens to be a good friend (of the previous administration).

“(The opposition) defended this. (They said) this is a bumiputera project given to a Chinese person and that is fine.

“But what about the rules?” asked Anwar during his winding-up speech following the debate on Budget 2023.

Anwar did not mention the name of the firm, but it was likely a dig at Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Pagoh MP.

According to Anwar, Jana Wibawa had two phases which he dubbed “Jana Wibawa 1.0” and “Jana Wibawa 2.0” – the latter which he attributed to his predecessor Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

“It doesn’t matter to me. MACC wants to investigate, let them do it. I never asked them to investigate 1.0 only. If they believe they need to, they will look at 2.0 under Bera (MP). I didn’t give orders,” said Anwar.

Currently, two figures from Bersatu and a businessperson in Pagoh have been charged in court for corruption related to Jana Wibawa.

Additionally, Muhyiddin was also called to the MACC headquarters today for questioning and was expected to face several charges tomorrow.

However, Anwar had been slandered with accusations that it was he who ordered the MACC investigations.

“I am not holding this position to abuse or oppress anyone. I understand what selective prosecution means…

“Ask the MACC or the attorney-general (for details)…look at the charge (sheets) first. Examine the evidence.

“(See for yourself) if there is corruption or not…or are the accused being slandered,” said Anwar. – Malaysiakini