Hunting Down Alex Wong

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Chinese nationals mean business in their attempt to recover their money.

  • Money-lending company to find Wong
  • Allegation of RM1.2b swindled

Further to our report yesterday, Richway Global Venture founder Alex Wong will soon be a hunted man as 3,000 angry investors from China are turning to a money-lending service to help them track him down.

The China Press reported that the Chinese nationals have resorted to hiring a licensed money lender in Malaysia to help get their investments back from Wong, after receiving no payouts since April. Richway Global Venture is believed to have started last May.

A man who claimed to represent the Chinese investors was quoted as saying: “I’m willing to give half of what I had invested as a reward if the (money-lending) company can find Wong and help me and other investors recover our money.”

According to China Press, the Chinese alleged Wong had cheated them of RM1.2 billion through Richway Global Venture.

The representative, who is currently in China, said they were liaising with a Sarawak-based money-lending company via online. He revealed that they were now negotiating on payments and services to be rendered to recoup their investments.

He added that some of the investors might travel to Malaysia to lodge police reports over the alleged scam. He said they were willing to provide Malaysian police with details on how they were swindled.

Meanwhile, police brought JJPTR founder Johnson Lee and his two aides to the court complex in Klang at 10:00 am this morning where their remand order was extended for another day.

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