Journalists: Jho Low used wife as front for bank accounts, yacht club

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Even as investigators around the world were intensifying the hunt for businessperson Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) in 2018, the fugitive was still able to move money and enjoy the high life thanks to his wife.

This was according to journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope in their latest video clip discussing his whereabouts.

The duo’s investigations led to the discovery that Jesselynn Chuan Teik Ying applied to join the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club sometime in 2018.

This, they claim, was after the seizure of The Equanimity in Bali, Indonesia. Hence, they speculated, Low was looking in the market for a new yacht and hence needed to find a berth.

Chuan’s application form, sighted by the duo and shown to their viewers, suggested that she was employed by a firm known as Kinetic Profit Company Ltd.

Duo said further investigations revealed that the company had a Shanghai subsidiary which listed Low Taek Howe as a supervisor.

“Better known as ‘Howie’, that’s Low’s cousin. He is a key member of (Low’s) entourage. To this day. he’s one of the guys that stayed with Low after all the bad things happened with the global investigations,” said Hope.

Apart from the yacht club application, Wright and Hope alleged that Chuan also fronted Low for bank accounts.

Although investigators from various jurisdictions were pursuing Low, Chuan was able to operate accounts with two international banks.

Unlike the yacht club application, Wright and Hope did not provide documentary evidence of Chuan’s bank accounts.

“It’s mind-blowing that it’s as simple as using your wife’s name in order to have access to the global banking system.

“Here we have one of the world’s most notorious financial criminals, allegedly, who would instantly be banned from any bank as soon as he walked in the door.

“Yet, he’s able to use people like his own wife to open bank accounts and transfer money around the world,” said Hope.

The duo claimed that much of the payments they uncovered were used to pay Low’s legal bills around the world.

Unlike Low’s other love interests – Paris Hilton, Elva Hsiao, and Miranda Kerr – very little is known about Chuan.

According to Wright and Hope’s book “Billion Dollar Whale”, Chuan and Low’s relationship started in Penang where they both originated.

The book claimed that Chuan bore two sons to Low.

Chuan was described as Low’s girlfriend since the beginning of his involvement in the 1MDB affair.

Low and Chuan eventually married, but not before the former’s infamous and futile attempts to court the above-mentioned celebrities.

Apart from Chuan, Wright and Hope alleged that several figures central to Low’s story remain part of his “entourage” to this day.

They are Malaysian citizens Eric Tan Kim Loong, Casey Tang Keng Chee, Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, and US citizen Catherine Tan.

Wright and Hope are currently running a crowdsourcing campaign in hopes of locating Low’s whereabouts following the jailing of former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak. – Malaysiakini