Beauties with Brains Create Good Vibes for Malaysia

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A big thumbs-up to Malaysian-born girls that make Malaysia look good in the international arena.

  • Sabahan who captured The Flash’s heart
  • Andrea Thoma is part Kadazan and a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Cassandra Hsiao’s Ivy League feat
  • Taunts of whether the brilliant student was “Malaysian enough”

Andrea Thoma

We know him as Barry Allen/The Flash and Sebastian Smythe on TV series Glee. What we also know now is that his fiancée, Andrea ‘LA’ Thoma, is a part Kadazan on her mother’s side.

If you’ve not watched The Flash in action, check out the video on Gustin’s screen test for the role.

Back to the couple, Grant Gustin, 27, proposed to Thoma, 28, late last month while they were working out on a beach. The couple had dated for a year. Recently engaged, an Instagram post by Gustin showed Thoma flashing a large cut round diamond ring.

Grant Gustin/Instagram

Thoma was born on Jul 11, 1988, in Malaysia. The beauty with brains graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology from Kent State University in 2009 and subsequently got her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University. She worked as a physical therapist student in the Virginia area and Connecticut for five months, before moving to California. Currently, she is a physical therapist in Sunnyvale. She has a younger brother, Christian.

LA Thoma/Instagram
LA Thoma/Instagram

In a 2014 visit to Kampung Kolopis in Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, during the Ka’amatan festival, she wore the traditional Kadazan costume in a group photo of family members.

LA Thoma/Instagram

In another photo, she posted a photo of her, her mother and her grandmother with a caption, “Three generations of Majalap women.” “Don’t mess with us, our ancestors are headhunters. #notkidding #kadazan #sabah #borneo,” she wrote.

LA Thoma/Instagram
LA Thoma/Instagram
LA Thoma/Instagram
Grant Gustin/Instagram

Thoma has become somewhat of an Internet celebrity since being Gustin’s girlfriend, with her Instagram account having over 179,000 followers and counting.

Catch some hilarious moments of the couple peeling off their masks in the video below.

Cassandra Hsiao

Just a month ago, another Malaysian-born beauty with brains did Malaysia proud with the rare feat of being accepted by eight Ivy League colleges. The moving essay that she wrote about her humbling experience learning English while growing up in an immigrant household obviously impressed the esteemed institutions.

Cassandra Hsiao

Born of a Malaysian mother and Taiwanese father, Cassandra Hsiao lived in Johor until she was five years old and then moved to the US, growing up in California.

She was quoted as saying, “I miss Malaysia and think about my home country quite often. Growing up, I loved flying kites, going to markets and setting off firecrackers. I spent my childhood babbling in a mixture of Chinese, Malay and English.”

Two literary pieces on her Malaysian experiences, ‘Pasar Malam‘ and ‘Ode to the Nightmarket‘ have been published in the online arts journal Rambutan Literary. She visits Malaysia every two years.

Hsiao’s achievement made headlines around the world. Yet some obviously envious Malaysians, who will never make anything of themselves for the world to see, commented negatively on whether she was “Malaysian enough”.

Listen to how articulate she is and you will wonder if any country wouldn’t be proud to call a daughter.

If only our politicians, and not forgetting those who constantly court ridicule for our country with their irresponsible words and actions, can paint Malaysia in such positive light.