Classmate apologises over rape threat, teen’s father said matter now closed

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A classmate who made a rape threat against 17-year-old Ain Husniza has since apologised for his actions.

Ain’s father, Saiful Nizam Ab Wahab said that he now considered this a closed case and hopes that it would be a lesson for the said pupil.

The case was resolved last night. The student apologised in front of Ain and promised to change, he said.

The threat was made after Ain exposed a male teacher for allegedly making rape jokes in class. The teen subsequently lodged a police report, fearing for her safety.

In a Facebook post this morning, Saiful was magnanimous towards the male student.

“Children will make mistakes and act wrongly. When they are willing to admit they are wrong and sincerely apologise and promise to change, we forgive them.

“May this be a meaningful life lesson for them”, the father said.

Over the weekend, Ain Husniza wrote on social media that her physical education teacher had made jokes about rape, including telling boys in class that if they were to commit rape, they should target victims aged above 18.

Following the post, she said she received an audio message from a male classmate who was unhappy about her expose and had threatened her.

If I get you, I will shred you and rape you and send you to Thailand, the classmate said in the recording shared by Ain Husniza.

She filed police reports about the teacher as well as the classmate.

Saiful said the case against the boy was solved when he met with the boy’s parents and sister at the Sg Buloh police station.

He said the boy’s parents and sister were taken aback with such remarks made by him.

“I know it must have broken his parents’ hearts. But that is what has happened.

Geraldine Tong/Malaysiakini

“Which father would not be angry knowing the child is like that. Got to know that teachers teach nonsense in school.

Which mother wants her child to behave badly and belittle others? No one.

“From my conversation and discussion with his parents, indeed he is from a good family but has become wild after being in conversation and association with those beyond the family’s knowledge”, he said in another recent Facebook post.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Malaysiakini, Ain, who was accompanied by her father, said she wanted to speak out about this issue to stop something like this from happening again.

“A lot have said to me, Ain, aren’t you being emotional, you could have settled this with the school, you are muddying the school’s name.

“If I just settle with the school, will it change how other schools work? I don’t want this thing to be normalised.

“I want strict punishment and for action to be taken against that teacher (so that) other teachers in our country know this is not acceptable behaviour.

“I need to do this for every student who has gone through something like this,” she said.

Ain also pointed out that education shapes the country and that the students being subjected to this kind of teaching environment are the ones who will run the country in the future.

“When a boy my age is so brave as to say that he would rape me, what do you think will happen when he grows into an adult one day?

“When you have a teacher teaching that kind of thing in a classroom, how many male students do you think are being infected by this kind of toxic mindset?” she asked.

Since Ain’s report, many individuals had also began posting on Twitter about their personal experiences in school using the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace hashtag, while others conveyed messages of support.

Ironically, though it is commonly perceived that youths nowadays are wasting their time on the internet, Ain said it was the internet that sparked her interest in social issues.

Luckily for Ain, she also has a mentor who could share his experience of speaking up on contentious issues: political cartoonist Zunar, her art teacher.

Ain said she has always had an interest in art as well as learning about social issues, so when she heard about Zunar, she was intrigued.

“I like to keep up with political news happening in our country, so I’ve heard about Uncle Zunar and my father told me about him as well.

“When I heard he got caught because he was drawing cartoons, I thought I must check him out, so I found his Instagram and messaged him, you are so cool, I want to be like you one day, so he ended up inviting us to his studio”, she said.

Saiful also noted that those who criticise his child for sullying the school’s name should know that Ain is a model student who has represented her school in English debate competitions and art competitions at the state level.

“Ain already achieved many things. She recently won the English debate competition in Selangor, representing her school, and she got third place in a Selangor art competition. She is not a rebel kid”, he said.

Slightly bashful when the conversation turned to her achievements, Ain said she is just like any other teenager in Malaysia.

She said she watches videos on TikTok, she likes to watch anime (Japanese animation) and she likes to surf the internet.

She does not come from a financially privileged family. She goes to school and has the same social circle as other students.