Four-seat offer: PAS is not a beggar, says Hadi

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PAS cannot accept BN’s condition for the party to only field four candidates if it is to enter into an electoral pact for the Johor polls.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang told reporters today in Marang, Terengganu that the party is not a “beggar” seeking scraps.

“In Malacca, they offered two (seats). Johor, four… Are we supposed to beg? PAS is not seeking alms.

“PAS is strong,” he said.

Johor PAS has revealed that it was keen to initiate pact talks, however, Johor Umno appears lukewarm on the idea.

According to Hadi, there were no official negotiations between PAS and Umno at the moment.

The PAS chief was commenting on a video depicting Johor Umno head Hasni Mohammad telling a meeting of Umno members that he was only willing to offer PAS the rights to field four candidates at most.

The clip also depicted Hasni stating that PAS has rejected the offer because Bersatu was offering 15.

Although PAS officially denied talks were taking place, Hasni’s revelation indicated that back-channelling had occurred.

During the 2018 election, PAS fielded 40 candidates for the Johor legislative assembly of which only one was successful.

PAS is still harbouring hopes of forging an electoral pact that will involve both Umno and Bersatu. However, Umno cannot accept this arrangement because its annual delegates assembly last year ruled that it must sever ties with Bersatu. – Malaysiakini