Malaysia Madani: PM wants to hit reset button on the country

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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim intends to hit the reset button on the country with his new slogan “Malaysia Madani”.

Among the things he wants to reset is the country’s attitude towards race and religion.

“Our country’s pillar is still the Malay majority and with an emphasis on the principles of Islam, the Malay language, and Malay rights but we are a multi-racial country.


“We do not want this country to be developed in a way where certain groups of the rakyat, whether it is a minority race or the poor or those in rural areas or in Sabah or Sarawak, are still left behind,” he said in his prime ministerial mandate on developing a Malaysia Madani in Putrajaya today.

He assured minority groups in the country who feel there is a concerted effort to sideline them that the government will not allow this to happen.

He brought up Sabah and Sarawak as an example, saying that as soon as he got into office, he already asked Deputy Prime Minister Fadillah Yusof to lead a team in resolving issues related to the two East Malaysian regions.

More updates on the progress of that matter will be announced tomorrow, as they have a meeting scheduled in Kuching, Sarawak then.

Anwar also noted that there is a need to develop things for the Malay bumiputera majority.

At the same time, he warned against stoking up racial sentiments.

“I know the racial sentiment is something that appeals (to people). There is a siege mentality.

“But what is under threat is not a question of race. What is under threat, if there is a sense of urgency and pressure, is the corrupt and arrogant leaders.

“Hopefully, we can fix this in the annals of history and start a new chapter,” he said.

Elaborating on the new slogan of his administration “Malaysia Madani”, Anwar said the country has to stop its obsession with measuring success solely through economic development and numbers.

Aside from that, it is also important to develop the country’s humanity, he said.

“This obsession with growth figures, foreign investment numbers, all sorts of numbers without emphasising its effects to the people in a holistic manner; that to me, does not help.

“That is why I am speaking about a humanistic economy because that will push back against the principles of unbridled capitalism that is being practised by us,” he said.

In a society without a humanistic economy, uncontrolled by transparent and good governance, the country will continue to be plagued by social ills.

“That is why policy decisions must ensure that economic activity can take place without causing suffering to the people,” Anwar said.

He further said he wants this country to enter a new phase where it is no longer sullied by scandals and racial and religious disputes.

Malaysia should be known as a civilised (madani) country that is peaceful and just and rejects any form of oppression towards any individual or group.

“We want this country to be known as one with new spirit and rakyat that truly understands the meaning of freedom and independence,” he added.

With the capabilities of the political leadership as well as the public service, Anwar said he is confident that Malaysia can be seen again on the world stage as a stable and strong country.

He urged everyone to work together on this new basis to create a new culture in order to uplift life values that are more meaningful, for future generations.

“I stress again, let us open our hearts and save our country,” he concluded. – Malaysiakini