Nine Incest Cases in Two Months, Five of Them in Sarawak

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Since July at least five cases of incest reported in Sarawak and four in Peninsular Malaysia.

There have been nine incest cases in the past couple of months and these are just the ones reported in the media.

Today alone, three arrests were made in Sarawak, including a father who allegedly raped his daughter and a repeat offender who had previously been convicted of raping his daughter and now suspected of raping his granddaughter.

Sarikei: Father Raped Daughter

A 38-year-old man was arrested for allegedly raping his daughter for more than a year.

The 15-year-old victim, who is studying at a boarding school in Sungai Paoh, had complained of stomach aches at 10.30am today. She later confided in the warden that she had been raped by her father in a longhouse in Sungai Bulat since July last year.

The warden then sent the victim for a medical check-up at the Sarikei Hospital, which lodged a police report on the incident.

“Police have arrested the suspect when he came to visit his daughter at the hospital at about 4pm today,” Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Dev Kumar said in a statement.


The victim has been warded at the hospital for further observation.

The suspect will be produced for remand at the Sarikei Session Court at 9am tomorrow.

Sibu: Repeat Offender and Son Raped Granddaughter/Niece

Earlier today in Sibu, a 53-year-old man and his 25-year-old son were detained for allegedly raping the former’s granddaughter and the latter’s niece.

The 53-year-old had been previously jailed for nine years for raping his daughter and was released from prison in August last year.

This time around, the suspect conspired with his son to prey on a seven-year-old – his own granddaughter and the son’s niece.

The girl’s ordeal came to light when she related her woes to her mother who has been living separately from her daughter following her divorce from her husband seven years ago.


State CID chief Dev Kumar said the housewife was informed by her daughter that she had been repeatedly raped by the suspects since last year.

“At that time, the victim, who is a Year One pupil, was staying in the grandfather’s house while her mother was staying in Mukah.

“The victim’s mother visits her daughter from time to time.

“It was when the 27-year-old housewife took her daughter to Mukah during the school holidays that she was informed of the victim’s ordeal,” said Dev in a statement today.

Acting on a report lodged by the victim’s mother, police arrested the girl’s uncle from his workplace at a timber factory here about 1pm today.

An hour later, police arrested the victim’s grandfather at his longhouse here.

Both suspects are expected to be produced at the magistrate’s court here to be remanded.

Betong: Father Raped Daughter

In another case earlier today, a 49-year-old farmer in Betong was sentenced to 22 years’ jail by the Sessions Court for committing incest and molesting his daughter over the past three years. He was also ordered to be given 20 strokes of the rotan after he pleaded guilty to six charges involving the girl who is now 15.

Mohd Roji Kawi/NST

Serian: Grandfather, Father, Two Uncles Raped Two Sisters

Last month, another 57-year-old grandfather, father and two uncles from Serian were sentenced to a total of 335 years in jail for raping two sisters, aged 14 and 19, in the past five years. The elder victim is now seven months’ pregnant.


Limbang: Grandfather, Father, Three Cousins Raped 12-Year-Old

In July, a 72-year-old grandfather was among five people charged with raping his 12-year-old granddaughter in Limbang. The four other accused were his son, 40, and three cousins, aged 16 to 21.


There have also been several cases of incest in Peninsular Malaysia in the past two months.

Kuala Lumpur: Father Molested Stepdaughter

Last month, a 59-year-old taxi driver pleaded guilty to molesting his 16-year-old stepdaughter and was sentenced to seven years in jail and ordered to be given one stroke of the rotan.

Petaling Jaya: Father Sodomised and Raped Daughter 600 Times

Also in August, a 37-year-old unit trust agent branded as “Monster Dad” was charged with sodomising and raping his daughter, now aged 15, 600 times over a course of two years.

Mersing: Father Sodomised and Molested Two Stepsons

In July, a 24-year-old pleaded guilty to five counts of sodomising and molesting his two stepsons, aged seven and 11, over a period of three months.


Sungai Petani: Brother Raped and Molested Three Sisters

A couple of days earlier in July, an 18-year-old was charged with raping and molesting his three sisters, aged eight, nine and 14.

Muhammad Hafis Nawawi/NST

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