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Stop fanning racial sentiment, Loke tells Dr Mahathir

The present unity government is a first for Malaysia and the last thing it needs is someone harping on racial misgivings.

Loke takes a dig at Gerakan

Anthony Loke has reminded DAP leaders and members not to emulate parties that have lost the ability to emerge victorious in elections.

Anthony Loke: Unity govt open to reviving HSR project, but not...

Only if HSR project funded by private firms.

Loke: No need to display road tax stickers on private vehicles...

Private vehicle owners do not need to deal with messy road tax stickers from Friday (Feb 10) once they have gotten their digital version of the road tax.

Loke: KLIA, KLIA2 to be rebranded to Terminals 1 and 2

The Malaysian government has agreed in principle to rebrand the KLIA and KLIA2 to KLIA Terminal 1 and KLIA Terminal 2 respectively.

Anwar, Loke at Umno HQ for govt’s first secretariat meeting

The government’s first secretariat meeting is currently underway following the arrival of party leaders at the Umno headquarters in Kuala Lumpur tonight.

Loke takes KTM Komuter and TBS by surprise this time round

Anthony Loke was on the prowl once again as he went down to the ground to see for himself the KTM Komuter services and the situation at TBS.

Anthony Loke not entertaining political questions during official ministry business

Anthony Loke said today he is declining to comment on politics during official Ministry of Transport business.

10pm After spot check, Loke to meet Kelana Jaya LRT management...

Loke found conditions in the train very cramped and uncomfortable for the passengers.

Kian Ming: Cooperation with Umno already mulled by Anthony Loke in...

Ong Kian Ming today said that a coalition government with Umno made “logical and political sense”.

Loke: Hadi’s attack on DAP an attempt to thwart ‘unity govt’

PAS president’s claim that DAP is pushing an Islamophobic narrative on Malaysia’s non-Muslim Bumiputera.

DAP’s Loke and then Guan Eng apologise to Sarawak

Putting a stop to the enmity between both parties.

‘Lame excuse’ to claim LRT ops fall under MoF, Loke tells...

PH would give the LRT system the highest priority should it be given the mandate in GE15.

Loke: PH presidential council agreed on Jerai seat allocation

DAP’s decision to place its candidate for the Jerai parliamentary seat was agreed upon by the PH presidential council.

Loke: DAP has a long-term plan to court rural Malay voters

GE15 will be Anthony Loke’s first time leading DAP into the polls.

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