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Dr M: Bersatu will pay for ‘Sheraton Move’ by losing in...

Mahathir says Bersatu is set to lose in the upcoming 15th General Election for its betrayal of the PH government in February 2020.

Zahid: To cooperate with Umno for GE15, PAS must split from...

PAS must fulfil three demands.

Rafizi: Bersatu in panic mode because one of their ministers linked...

A thorough police investigation should be conducted on all parties over the LCS scandal.

Bersatu: PM’s office cancelled Aug 4 meeting at the last minute

The aborted meeting a last-ditch effort to press the Prime Minister regarding the MoA between Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri.

Report: Edmund Santhara has quit Bersatu

Segamat MP Edmund Santhara Kumar submitted a letter to Bersatu secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin last week on his departure from the party.

PM-Muhyiddin deal in 2021 for a DPM from Bersatu

A provision under the agreement states that the document cannot be republished in any form and can only be kept for the reference of both parties.

Muhyiddin: I was behind formation of Bersatu, not Mahathir

Muhyiddin revealed he was the man behind the formation of the party and not Mahathir.

PM runs out of time, with civil war within Bersatu and...

Arguably, Mahiaddin’s biggest mistake is trying to stay in power during the emergency rule without putting serious efforts to fix the economy or expedite the vaccination.

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