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Zuraida Told to Quit Party over Haziq Statement

Zuraida Kamaruddin was told to quit PKR for releasing a statement that contradicted the party’s position.

Haziq Sacked from Primary Industries Ministry over ‘Sordid’ Confession

Haziq Aziz has been sacked as the private secretary to Deputy Primary Industries Minister Shamsul Iskandar.

Haziq: Azmin and I Kept Our Work Lives Separate

Haziq Aziz said Azmin Ali and he first became intimate in 2016 but they had always kept their relationship separate from their duties.

PKR to Issue Show-Cause Letter to Haziq

Haziq Aziz will be slapped with a show-cause letter over his involvement in the sex video controversy.

Haziq: I’m Also a Victim

Haziq Aziz insists that he is the victim in the saga involving a lewd video purportedly showing him sharing an intimate moment with Azmin Ali.

Anwar’s Aide Not with Haziq at KLIA

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's political aide did not meet with Haziq Aziz on the day of his arrest.

Rais: Haziq Told Cops Who Are the Masterminds

Rais Yatim hinted today that he knew who masterminded Haziq Aziz’s allegation about his purported sexual affair with Azmin Ali.

Tongues Wagging over Man in Red Cap with Haziq

The appearance of a man in a red cap walking behind Haziq Aziz has set tongues wagging among the PKR circles.

Haziq Lodges Police Report

Haziq Aziz lodges police report, citing concerns to his safety.

Azmin Knows Haziq from Afar as PKR Member

Dragged into a sex scandal, Azmin Ali today said he was acquainted with his accuser Haziq Aziz but only in passing as a fellow member of PKR.

Haziq Gone “AWOL”, Suspended by Ministry, Issued Show-Cause Letter

Haziq Aziz has failed to show up for work since last Tuesday.

Haziq Lists Other Hotel Sex Romps with Minister

Azmin’s aide admits meeting Haziq who claims he was forced to deny it was Azmin in the video.


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