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MACC urged to explain to explain why Muhyiddin, Tajuddin cases NFA

Anti-graft groups have called on the MACC to explain why its probes into Muhyiddin and Tajuddin were classified as requiring “no further action”.

Muhyiddin: Najib receives huge crowd ‘because people want to see a...

Muhyiddin said the huge crowd that Najib received in Johor does not necessarily mean the people have started to accept him.

Probe into Muhyiddin, Tajuddin classified as NFA but probe continues on...

The government says the probe into Muhyiddin and Tajuddin has been classified as “no further action” (NFA).

Zahid ready to take ‘sumpah laknat’ denying ‘Muhyiddin’s lies’

Zahid has denied seeking the help of Muhyiddin for criminal charges to be dropped and is ready to take a “sumpah laknat” to back up the denial.

Muhyiddin claims Malaysia in financial trouble, vows to reveal details

Malaysia is more financially troubled than what is being painted by the government.

Muhyiddin: Zahid visited with pile of files, asking for help

Muhyiddin has divulged more details regarding his claims that Zahid sought his intervention in court cases.

Muhyiddin tests positive for Covid-19

Former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin has tested positive for Covid-19.

Muhyiddin ditching Azmin, Zuraida

Had Azmin remained loyal to PKR, he might have become the deputy prime minister today.

Muhyiddin: Najib sought my help to remove Sri Ram as DPP

Muhyiddin claimed that Najib had sought his help to remove Gopal Sri Ram as a prosecutor in the latter’s ongoing criminal court case.

PM runs out of time, with civil war within Bersatu and...

Arguably, Mahiaddin’s biggest mistake is trying to stay in power during the emergency rule without putting serious efforts to fix the economy or expedite the vaccination.

Muhyiddin, Dr Noor Hisham to receive Covid-19 vaccine on Wednesday

Muhyiddin Yassin and Dr Noor Hisham will be among the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine on Wednesday.

Dr M, Muhyiddin, PKR Leaders Clueless on What Was Discussed at...

Dr Mahathir said he knew of a clandestine meeting between Azmin and (BN lawmakers last night but not what they discussed.

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