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Rafizi: PH will keep its three states

PH will keep three states

Syed Saddiq: Muda has been committed to Pakatan all this time

Muda has proven its commitment towards PH ever since the Sheraton Move in 2020.

Muda wants PH to end months-long wait on membership bid

Muda is calling on PH to end their months-long wait for an answer on whether the party can join the coalition.

Analysts: Anwar, PH’s hands tied on UEC

If the UEC was acknowledged, PN would use it as a tool to criticise the government, accusing it of marginalising Malay-Muslim rights.

BN gives way to PH in Padang Serai

BN agreed to give way to the candidate representing PH in the Padang Serai election.

BN defers to PH for Padang Serai polls

BN is later today expected to announce it is withdrawing its candidate from the Padang Serai parliamentary seat election.

Pahang MB: PH didn’t set conditions to form state govt

PN had put several conditions on the formation of the state government.

PH elected reps sign SD supporting Wan Rosdy as Pahang MB

Eight PH elected reps have signed while another three are also expected to do so.

Tiong: GPS waiting for BN to choose between PN and PH...

Tiong King Sing has reportedly said that GPS would wait before deciding on a partner to form the federal government.

PN or PH? BN Supreme Council meeting ends in impasse

The BN Supreme Council could not reach a decision today on which coalition it would support to form the next federal government.

Ex-Bar presidents, others want PH to be given first shot at...

Four former Bar council presidents and several other prominent activists and legal minds have called for PH to be given the first opportunity to form a government.

Dennis Ignatius: Will BN-PN gang up on PH?

Let’s help carry PH over the finish line and change our nation for the better once and for all!

Lip Eng files police report against Hadi for linking PH to...

Lim Lip Eng has lodged a police report against Abdul Hadi Awang for continuously linking PH with communism.

Waiting for the day when top BN leaders stand in urban...

Why is it that come general elections, top BN leaders almost always stand in rural or semi-rural seats while their PH counterparts in urban ones?

PH to contest 14 Kedah parliamentary seats, leaves Langkawi unnamed

PH on Saturday (Oct 29) night announced its list of candidates who will be contesting in 14 parliamentary seats in Kedah during GE15.

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