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Anwar admits PKR and PH’s weakness in penetrating rural Malay areas

Anwar Ibrahim has admitted his party and PH's weakness in penetrating rural areas with the coalition's message, particularly in Malay-majority areas.

Anwar: No compromise on principles in ‘big tent’ talks

Still in favour of a political “big tent” for the opposition, Anwar promised PH would not compromise on its principles in exchange for power.

Wan Azizah doesn’t want ‘big tent’ taken down

Rafizi’s anti-big tent stance is his personal view,

Wan Azizah: Leave instead of becoming enemies within

Wan Azizah has told PKR members who feel they are no longer in line with the party’s struggles to leave instead of becoming enemies within.

PKR sacked 11,000 members over Sheraton Move

PKR sacked some 11,000 members aligned to Azmin Ali following the Sheraton Move.

PKR won’t retaliate against Muda out of respect for PH partners

PKR will not contest in Muda's seats in the state election as retaliation against the latter contesting the Larkin seat.

PKR leaders criticise Muda on Johor election seat distribution

Opposition parties PKR and Muda are currently at each other's throats.

Discussion with Muda is over, says PKR chairman on seat allocation

PKR discussion with Muda is over after failing to find a win-win situation for both parties in the run up for the Johor polls.

Amanah, DAP rebuke PKR for contesting under own flag in Johor

PKR’s allies have issued a subtle rebuke of its decision to contest the upcoming Johor election under the PKR flag instead of the PH logo.

Dennis Ignatius: The other PKR

In trying to be all things to all men, Kamarazaman comes across as too vague and confused to offer anything to anyone.

PKR, Amanah, NGOs lodge report on meat cartel

PKR, Amanah and several non-governmental organisations lodged a police report today on the meat cartel scandal.

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