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Covid-19: 852 New Cases

The Health Ministry today reported 852 new Covid-19 cases, breaking the previous five-day streak in which new daily infections were above the 1,000 mark.

Covid-19: 1,168 New Cases, 3 Deaths

The Health Ministry recorded 1,168 new cases of Covid-19 nationwide as of this afternoon.

Covid-19: Whopping 1,755 New Cases

The Health Ministry today reported 1,755 new Covid-19 cases and two deaths in the 24-hour period ending at noon today.

Budget 2021 Highlights

Highlights of Budget 2021 tabled in Parliament today.

Covid-19: 1,032 New Cases, 8 Deaths

The Health Ministry today reported 1,032 new Covid-19 cases and eight deaths in a 24-hour period ending noon today.

Covid-19: 1,054 New Cases, Record High of 12 Deaths

The Health Ministry today reported a record high of 12 deaths from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, as Malaysia recorded 1,054 new cases.

Seremban Under CMCO

The Seremban district in Negeri Sembilan will be placed under the CMCO between Nov 5 to Nov 18 to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Dewan Rakyat to Sit for Half-Day Until Thursday

The Dewan Rakyat sitting will be held for half-day beginning today until Thursday.

Covid-19: 834 New Cases

Malaysia recorded 834 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing its tally of infections to 33,339, including 9,968 active cases. With 900 recoveries, the total number of...

Covid-19: 659 New Cases

The Health Ministry today reported 659 new Covid-19 cases, no new deaths and the highest number of recoveries in a 24-hour period.

Covid-19: 649 New Cases

A total of 685 Covid-19 recoveries were reported today, higher than the 649 new cases recorded.

Covid-19: 801 New Cases, 8 New Deaths

The Health Ministry today reported 801 new Covid-19 cases today and eight deaths in the past 24 hours.

Malaysia’s First and Only Catholic Cardinal, Anthony Soter Fernandez, Dies at...

Malaysia’s first and only cardinal, Anthony Soter Fernandez, died this afternoon.

Police Recapture Fugitive Who Escaped MACC Custody

The main suspect in an online gaming scam, who escaped from MACC custody after scaling a wall, was re-arrested by police at a hilltop resort early today.

Covid-19: Record 1,240 New Cases

Malaysia has recorded 1,240 new Covid-19 cases today, the highest daily tally so far.

Big Changes in Store for Travel Business

It is better to venture into other fields or go into suspended animation, reactivating the travel business only when tourism recovers fully in 2024.

Failure to Defeat Budget 2021

With a leader like the confused and indecisive Anwar, who needs enemies?

P Ramakrishnan: Defeating the Budget – Why Not Now? Why Later?

If PH cannot succeed at the policy stage, how definite is PH that on 17 December it will not fail to defeat the Budget.

Religious Group: Banning Liquor Unconstitutional

The government should look at regulating the sale of liquor instead of imposing a blanket ban.

Covid-19: 1,315 New Cases

Malaysia today recorded 1,315 new Covid-19 cases.

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