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Pakatan to Invalidate Cash-for-Votes Seats

Dr Mahathir says Pakatan will invalidate cash-for-votes seats.

On Polling Eve, Altantuya’s Dad Reaches Out to Dr M

On polling eve, Altantuya's dad reaches out to Dr Mahathir.

Tony Pua ‘Heartbroken’ by Amran’s Betrayal After Failing to Contest GE14

Tony Pua is 'heartbroken' by Amran's betrayal after failing to be a candidate for GE14.

Tian Chua Not Plotting Batu By-Election

Tian Chua denies a rumour that is circulating on WhatsApp that he is plotting a Batu by-election.

Cop Stopped from Voting Lodges Report

A police inspector who was stopped from voting has lodged a police report.

Viral Video on EC Staff Detained with Ballot Paper Taken in...

A viral video on an electoral worker detained with a ballot paper was taken in 2013.

EC’s Electoral Crimes

Bersih 2.0 lists Election Commission's 10 electoral crimes.

Zulfadli Insists Did Not Do Any Match-Fixing, Claims Denied Fair Hearing

Zulfadli insists he did not do any match-fixing and claims he was denied a fair hearing.

Man Behind Mat Sabu Affair Allegation Not an Amanah Member

The man behind the allegation that Mat Sabu is having an extramarital affair is not an Amanah member.

Undeterred by Police Report, Jamal to Give Out Mercedes-Benz at Next...

Undeterred by a police report lodged against him for vote buying, Jamal Yunos will give out a Mercedes-Benz at his next 'concert'.

Culprit Who Viralled False News of Bangladeshi Phantom Voters with Blue...

The culprit who viralled false news of Bangladeshi phantom voters with blue caps on to be arrested.

Usno Baru’s RM870K ‘Deposit Money’ Allegedly Does Not Exist

Usno Baru's RM870,000 'deposit money' allegedly does not exist.

Jamal’s RM25K Lucky Draw Prize, RM2K to Fishermen for Votes

Jamal Md Yunos promises Sekinchan fisherfolk RM2,000 cash for votes.

84 Usno Baru Members ‘Cheated’ of Candidacy

84 Usno Baru members 'cheated' of candidacy.

Sarawak Report To Pay RM155K to Hadi over Defamation Suit

Sarawak Report to pay RM155,000 to Hadi over defamation suit.

Mujahid Takes Responsibility for Sale of TH Hotels, Slams Those Baying for Guan Eng’s...

Decision to sell Tabung Haji hotels was Mujahid’s and not Lim’s.

Zahid’s Trial: Alleged RM6M Political Donation

Datasonic denies giving any bribe to Zahid to get contract for chips supply.

Kit Siang Tells Former Government Leaders to “Speak Up” over Abbott’s MH370 Claim

Previous BN government must come clean on MH370 after Abbott exposé.

Vell Paari Strongly Opposes Intervening Application by Samy Vellu’s ‘Wife’

Meeriam Rosaline Edward Paul, who claims to be S Samy Vellu’s common-law wife, said the former MIC president’s family have prevented her from seeing him since last June.

Joshua Hilmy Inquiry: Pastor in Heated Argument over Phone

Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth Sitepu were troubled after receiving a phone call before they went missing.

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