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Kim Jong-nam’s Case Just Got More Intriguing

Kim Jong-nam met with an American Korean secret agent in Langkawi a day before he was murdered.

MonSpace Takes up Challenge to Take Action

MonSpace issues letter of demand to Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng that he retracts and apologises over alleged defamatory statements.

Is This the Last We See of Johnson Lee?

JJPTR's Johnson released from custody and on police bail has disappeared.

Not a Penny for Jho Low from Park Lane Hotel Sale

Department of Justice will take Jho Low's 55% share of proceeds from the forthcoming forced sale of Park Lane Hotel.

Police Reveal Developments in Raymond Koh’s Case

Police detained suspect in connection with Raymond Koh's abduction and probes Koh on allegations of attempting to proselytise Muslims.

Calls for MonSpace to Prove It is Legit

In a heated confrontation, Chinese nationals and DAP representatives met with MonSpace founder Dato' Sri Jessy Lai to seek explanations and a refund on their investment.

Disgruntled Chinese Nationals Arrive to Demand Action Against MonSpace

A group of 19 Chinese nationals have arrived to lodge police reports against MonSpace and demanding action from the authorities.

David Teo Delivers a Line That Rhymes to End His Pantun

David Teo delivers ending line to his pantun which he was reciting at TN50 when he was involved in a scuffle with Sulaiman Yassin.

Killer Blue Whale Swimming on Social Media

Keep youngsters in the family safe from the Bue Whale Challenge on social media which is spreading through the world with its deadly challenges, including egging on players to commit suicide.

David Teo: How Many Times Must I Apologise?

David Teo responds to calls for him to apologise by asking how many times and to whom he should apologise, amid calls for action against Sulaiman Yassin.

JJPTR Trio on the Move

JJPTR suspects, Johnson Lee and his two aides, released on RM5,000 police bail and rearrested for police to continue investigations in Penang.

JJPTR ‘Hack’ of a Lie!

Police investigation reveals no evidence of JJPTR's accounts being hacked or any involvement in forex trading, while possibly millions of ringgit were moved to overseas.

From Two-Men Scuffle to Free-for-All

The slap that filmmaker David Teo got from Sulaiman Yassin at the TN50 dialogue session is being played up as a racial issue by certain groups.

Hunting Down Alex Wong

Chinese nationals hiring money-lending company to track down Richway founder Alex Wong to recover their investments.

WannaCry Through WhatsApp and e-Banking Hoaxes

Fake messages on WhatsApp regarding ransomware being WhatsApp compatible and WannaCry distributed through online banking services.

Tamil Nadu man reveals shocking abuse, exploitation at PJ restaurant

An Indian’s tale of abuse and exploitation while working at a banana leaf restaurant here is creating waves in Malaysia and India via social media and TV stations.

Guan Eng: Excluding opposition from Parliament committee an abuse of power

The exclusion of opposition lawmakers from the special committee studying the implementation of hybrid Parliament meetings is an abuse of power.

Malaysian Bar troubled by lawyer’s claim that judiciary’s decisions can be influenced

Lawyer’s purported suggestion that court decisions can be influenced is disgraceful, unethical, misconduct.

Top 10 messages that backdoor govt is game over

The Rulers were not in favour of rallying behind the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister.

Report: PN’s ‘fixer lawyers’ – how shocking does it get?

A major foreign firm with massive operations in Malaysia is entangled in a horribly embarrassing civil action.

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