Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Nazrin’s Body Not Typical of Fire Victim

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Former Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan’s body was found in an “abnormal way” for someone who supposedly died in a fire, the Shah Alam High Court heard today.

Witness Tan Hoss, the firefighter who led the team that put out a blaze at Nazrin’s home on June 14 last year, said that those caught in a fire would usually try to look for an exit, but the position of Nazrin’s body did not indicate this.

“I have seen at least three dead bodies of people who died in a fire and all of them were found either kneeling or lying face down on the ground.

Afif Abd Halim/TMI

“But Nazrin was not. He was found face up and his body was still, as if he had not moved.

“Fire victims would usually run for an exit, and are usually found dead near a possible exit,” Tan, who has served with the Fire and Rescue Department since 2011, told the court during the murder trial today. – TMI

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