Fireman: Cradle Fund CEO Had Holes on Head, Fireworks Found in Victim’s Room

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The fireman who was the first to discover Nazrin Hassan’s body told the Shah Alam High Court today that there were holes (“kesan lubang”) on the head of the Cradle Fund CEO when he was found in his room.

Stanley Sigau Nyalang said he also saw burn marks on the victim’s face, chest and right leg.

“I am assigned as the rescuer for victims in fires. In the room, I saw a man’s body. On the head of the victim, I found holes as if he was hit.

“I also found a lot of blood around the victim’s head area,” he said when giving his testimony in court today.

According to Stanley, who was the 11th witness, he had only noticed this after he and a few other firefighters had finished putting out the fire in the victim’s room on June 14 last year.

He explained that the body, clad only in underwear, was lying beside the bed.

Stanley said he was instructed not to touch the body and to wait until forensics from the fire department and police arrived at the scene.

“I found a plastic bag containing fireworks in the television cabinet in the room.

“I noticed that the bed had been fully burnt. I noticed that the wall behind the bed looked like it had been struck by sparks from fireworks,” he said.

Stanley stressed, however, that he could not confirm whether the burnt bed was caused by fireworks or not.

Another fireman, Muhammad Rezza Rusli, told the court that the body found that day was in a stiff and rigid condition.

“I immediately called another fireman, Tanhoss Bah Agem, and asked him to check whether the victim was still alive.”


He said when he was heading outside the house to store his equipment, he noticed a teenage boy, aged around 14 to 15, holding a box.

Rezza, however, said he did not know what was inside the box.

During the cross-examination, defence lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah asked Rezza to further explain the situation.

Shafee: When you saw this child get out of the house holding a box, did you ask him anything? Did you know where the box was being brought to? Can you describe to the court the shape of the box?

Rezza simply said “I’m not sure” to all of Shafee’s questions.

Several other questions from Shafee were also answered in the same way, causing the lawyer to question whether Rezza was telling the truth.

“Are you creating stories and has someone told you to make up stories? You only have to tell the truth,” asked Shafee, to which Rezza said “No”.

A visibly nervous Rezza also told the court it was not normal for the occupants to remain in the house where a fire has broken out

“The family remained inside despite the house having caught fire. In my experience, it was odd because usually the family affected would stay outside,” Rezza replied.

The hearing will continue tomorrow before High Court Judge Abdul Karim Abdul Rahman.

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