Missing Maid in Cradle Fund CEO Murder Mystery

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Investigators only found out about the maid’s existence after they arrested several of Nazrin’s family members.

In yet another twist to the tale, police are now looking for the Indonesian maid who was in the employ of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan when he was found dead at home, sources said.

They said she might be able to shed more light on the case.

Police sources told The Malaysian Insight that investigators only found out about the maid’s existence after they arrested several of Nazrin’s family members.

“At the initial point of the investigation, we had asked the family if they had a maid. They denied it,” a police source told The Malaysian Insight.

“Only after we had arrested several of the family members and after interrogation, they admitted they had an Indonesian maid who had disappeared immediately after the murder.

“When investigators went to the house on the day of the incident, there was no maid around. If she was there, of course, we would have recorded her statement,” the source said.

The source said police had since looked for the maid, who could be in Malaysia illegally as the Immigration Department did not have details of her entry or exit.

A friend of the family told The Malaysian Insight that Nazrin had always employed a maid.

“It is a shame that the maid is missing. Otherwise, it will probably won’t take us this long to find out what had happened to him,” the friend said.

Nazrin was found dead in his bedroom at home in Mutiara Damansara after the double-storey terrace house caught fire on June 14, a day before Hari Raya.

His family had said that his handphone exploded, causing the blaze. Cradle Fund also issued a statement saying its CEO was dead of injuries attributed to an exploding handphone being charged next to the bed.

Nazrin’s older brother, Dr Malek Hassan, who saw Nazrin’s body after the first post-mortem, had pointed to a wound on the left side of the head that was too big and deep to have been caused by a blunt object like a handphone.

That observation, and with police classifying the case as murder, prompted Dr Malek to lodge a police report urging the authorities to exhume the body for a second autopsy.

The exhumation was challenged by Nazrin’s widow Samirah Muzaffar but her application for a stay was thrown out by the Shah Alam High court.

The body was exhumed in the middle of October and police are now waiting for the results of the second post-mortem.

In the course of investigations, police have arrested Samirah, a senior executive at the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation, her former husband, their two teenage sons, Nazrin’s sister-in-law and her husband, all on the widow’s side of the family.

All have since been released on bail. – TMI

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