Rafizi launches petition against holding GE15 during monsoon season

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PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli has launched a petition against holding the general election during this year’s monsoon season.

This comes as Umno intensifies its pressure on Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to hold the 15th general election (GE15) as soon as possible.

Rafizi said if Parliament is dissolved a month from now, the election would be held during the monsoon season.

“(Holding the) GE15 during floods means more than RM1 billion will be used to manage the election when the people’s funds would be better off being channelled to flood mitigation efforts.

“It also means that hundreds of thousands of civil servants will be on duty to handle the election when they should be volunteering together to help the flood victims.


“Only the people’s voices will be able to send a clear message that the rakyat want the politicians to focus their attention on dealing with the floods, not chasing after political positions through the election.

“I am only one rakyat. With the help of the voices of hundreds of thousands of other rakyat, our voices together will be heard by the politicians,” Rafizi said in a Facebook posting yesterday.

He said all weather forecast reports have predicted that the floods will be even worse this year compared to previous years.

Even before the monsoon season arrived, flash floods have been occurring in places which have not previously suffered from severe flooding.

“Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi boasted that Umno is willing to wade through the floods for an earlier GE15.

“All political parties will be adequately prepared when GE15 is called. The issue is not about political parties campaigning despite the flood.

“The main issue is that all parties need to mobilise their manpower to deal with the floods and everything that can be postponed or avoided should be postponed first,” Rafizi, the former Pandan MP, added.

Zahid’s remarks on Sept 17 about BN being prepared to campaign for GE15 even if it is held during the monsoon season have been criticised by the opposition.

Politicians from fellow ruling parties have also said it would be unwise to hold the general election during the monsoon season.

However, Zahid claimed that the floods are a “narrative and myth” spun by the opposition to avoid GE15 from being held soon. – Malaysiakini