Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Widow Refused to Allow Insurance to Pay Deceased’s Debts

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The Shah Alam High Court was told yesterday that the first accused in the murder of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan did not allow the deceased’s insurance payout to be used to pay his debts.

  • Widow had entered a caveat on deceased’s EPF funds, where any withdrawal would require her permission
  • Deceased brother said he suspected one of Samirah’s children was responsible for Nazrin’s murder
  • Nazrin withdrew report on death threat after finding out threat was made by Samirah’s child
  • The child also damaged Nazrin’s clothing

Nazrin’s older brother, Dr Abdul Aziz Hassan, said Samirah Muzaffar, who is the first accused and Nazrin’s widow, said she had instead suggested that Nazrin’s Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributions be used for the purpose.

“Prior to that, I had contacted a person in Cradle Fund by the name of Salahuddin and asked him to assist in withdrawing a portion of Nazrin’s insurance payout to settle whatever debts are still owed by Nazrin.

Faiz Anuar/NST

“However, Salahuddin later contacted me and informed me that Samirah did not agree with it and instead suggested that Nazrin’s EPF money be used to pay the debts,” he said when testifying before judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman.

To a question by deputy public prosecutor Mohd Asnawi Abu Hanipah on whether Aziz knew the amount of Nazrin’s debts, the 18th witness in the trial said he was not sure.

“I know about the insurance coverage taken by the company for its employees, where, in the event of a death, the company will get the insurance payout and the money will be paid to the next of kin of the employee concerned after getting the board of directors’ approval,” he said.

On Nazrin’s EPF contribution, Aziz said he found out that Samirah had entered a caveat on the funds, where any withdrawal would require her permission.

Meanwhile, the trial’s 19th prosecution witness, Dr Malek Reedzwan Hassan, who is also Nazrin’s older brother, said he suspected one of Samirah’s children was responsible for Nazrin’s murder.

He told the court that three months prior to Nazrin’s death, his younger brother had received a death threat.

“Nazrin’s personal assistant, by the name of Anis, told me about it when I met her last year. Anis also said a police report on the incident was lodged, but Nazrin withdrew the report after finding out that the threat was made by Samirah’s child, but I was not told which child.

Faiz Anuar/NST

“Another case was when Nazrin’s clothing was damaged by the child,” he said, adding that he believed the two incidents were linked to Nazrin’s murder.

Questioned by Samirah’s lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, on whether he informed the police of the information obtained from Anis, Malek said he did not.

On March 12, Samirah, 44, a former senior executive at the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), and two teenagers aged 17 and 14, were charged, along with Indonesian citizen, Eka Wahyu Lestari, who is still at large, with Nazrin’s murder.

Yusof Mat Isa

They are alleged to have committed the offence at a house in Mutiara Homes, Mutiara Damansara, between 11.30pm on June 13, 2018, and 4am on June 14, 2018.

They are charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code, read together with Section 34 of the same law, and face the mandatory death sentence if found guilty.

The hearing continues on February 14.

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